How to automatically number column numbers in Excel

How to set up automatic column numbering in Excel will save you time, create tables in Excel easier and faster. If you do not know how to install it, follow the instructions below.

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Usually to number your column number in Excel Enter the first two digits (eg, 1,2), then highlight both cells and then hover to the bottom right corner of the second cell when the “+”You scroll down the column you want to number, that’s it, or you can click on the last box and click on the right corner simultaneously CTRL key and drag the mouse down. However, if you do so, it is difficult to apply the usual way when the ordinal number is too much to pull, So what to do? Answers should use the automatic numbering function according to the instructions below

How to automatically number column numbers in Excel 2016, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013

How to automatically number column in Excel (Update).

Method 1
Method 2

Method 1:

Suppose we have a list of 7 people as below with the employee code from M01 to M07, so how to quickly type M01 to M07 without having to fill in each line. Because in fact, if there are only 7 people filling out each line is simple, but with a list of up to hundreds of people, that’s another story. Let solve the above problem with this example.
automatic file recognition in Excel
Step 1: Here you see the plus sign when you point to the corner of a cell, click on it and scroll down to use the M07 code.
automatic file recognition in Excel
Step 2: And when you release Excel will automatically number the columns for you with the order one jump by 1 number. So we have completed the column numbering in Excel already.
automatic file recognition in Excel
Step 3: However, sometimes you follow the instructions but come up with the same series of numbers without following the sequence, that’s because when you drag the mouse in step 1, you are asexual. hold or press Ctrl at that time.
automatic file recognition in Excel

Method 2

Step 1: You enter the first order number: 1

automatic registration in excel

Step 2: In the section Editing choose Fill / Series.

Excel number comparison formula in excel

Step 3: Dialog box Series appear. You follow these steps:

– Series printing: Choose Rows If numbered in rows, Columns if numbered by a column.

– Type: Choose +Linear: Numbering in ascending fashion

+ Growth: Progressive type

+ Date: Date type

+ AutoFill: Auto-fill type

– Step value (Jump): Distance between two sequence numbers.

– Stop value (Last value): Only type stt to this column position.

Press OK, got it

Excel number comparison formula in excel

We get the result: Display the column numbering automatically in Excel.

automatic registration in excel

The above article we have shared with you how to automatically number column numbers in Excel, applicable to both large number of columns. Alternatively, you can refer to other Excel tips as possible convert column to row in Excel, way Create chart in Excel, … to use Excel spreadsheet more effectively.

With the automatic numbering as above, you absolutely can apply many different versions of Excel. Particularly in Office 2016, you can quickly number by selecting the first number box, then clicking on the lower right corner of the box, and then double clicking, so all rows will be numbered. self. In addition, the error of numbering in Excel is not uncommon, and if you are facing this situation, the article shares how to fix it. Numbering error in Excel Hopefully, this will help you fix and perfect your data quickly.

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