How to back up AutoCAD files automatically

How to back up AutoCAD files automatically

In order to prevent unnecessary work due to the loss of the save file, users should enable the AutoCAD file backup feature automatically on the AutoCAD graphics software to ensure that their efforts will not be lost, in addition, this is also is something architects should do even when they are new to the job.

As you know AutoCAD is not very gentle, Windows is more and more error and if unfortunately AutoCAD file status is frozen or Windows blue screen occurs is entirely possible. So why don’t we AutoCAD file backup automatically to limit the loss of saved files, if any, it will only take a save file at a time not too far only.

And for those who are reading here, it will take 1 minute to see how the automatic AutoCAD file backup is specifically like.

How to back up AutoCAD files automatically

Step 1: First, to automatically backup AutoCAD file, we just need to open any file, because the automatic AutoCAD file backup method will apply all files in AutoCAD. Open the file and click on it Right corner software icon.

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Step 2: Here, a menu will appear, looking down we click Options.

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Step 3: In the Options section, move on to the section Open and Save, Here you select the section File Safely Precautions, which is the section that allows you to set up to automatically back up AutoCAD files, which include:

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AutoSave: will save your drawing periodically according to the number of minutes you specify. The draft file path is specified in the SAVEFILEPATH system variable – This variable is very important, when you have a sudden power outage and need to find out where the autosave file is, type SAVEFILEPATH on the command line to see the path. Because sometimes the path is not on the default location. The file name is placed in SAVEFILE (this variable is only viewable but not editable). The save time can be changed directly by changing the SAVETIME variable. Note that when you use the block repair command (like bedit or refedit), the autosave function will not take effect.
Create Backup Copy with Each Save: create a bak file every time you save a drawing. can be changed directly by ISAVEBAK system variables.
Full-Time CRC Validation: check CRC data each time the object is read into the drawing. Turn this function on when you are concerned about hardware or software issues.
Maintain a Log File: Write the contents of the command prompt to the log file. To determine the name of the log file, see the system variable LOGFILENAME.
File Extension for Temporary Files: Determine the tail of the file to be autosave.
Security Options and Display Digital Signature Information: for drawing security.

Step 4: To be more careful you can Automatic time adjustment minutes are reduced to ensure no effort is wasted while working with AutoCAD.

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Step 5: In addition, we can also take the initiative in choosing where to backup AutoCAD files automatically by clicking Files section > select Automatic Save File Location and double click it.

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Step 6: Then you just need to click on the folder you want to set as the place to back up AutoCAD files automatically.

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Finally, the automatic AutoCAD file backup location was successful, later if you want to restore that AutoCAD automatic backup file go to this folder.

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With instructions to automatically backup AutoCAD file in article, it is really necessary for those who often work with this software. Not only AutoCAD, but also a lot of software now has automatic file backup feature to help users recover files in the event of an unexpected error.

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