How to back up (Backup) and restore Blog data

Backing up data for Blog helps to archive Blog at a certain time. From there it is possible to restore the Blog when problems occur such as: Virus, hacker, … attack. To know how to backup and restore Blog data, please follow the article below.

Backing up and restoring data in general and backing up data for Blog in particular is one of the important and necessary things when you have a Website or Blog on the internet. Doing this just ensures the safety of the Blog data while avoiding loss of resources.

Guide How to Backup (Backup) and Data Recovery Blog

Step 1: First, you log into your Blogger account HERE

Step 2: After logging in successfully, you enter the main interface of Blog, including blogs you have created

Step 3: You select the Blog you want to back up, right-click on the admin and select Template

Step 4; A new interface appears, here observe the right side you click to select Backup / Restore

Step 5: To Backup (backup) Blog you click Download full template

This is a Temple Blog backed up to your device that you can open to view the Code ..

Step 6: To restore Blogs at the time of backup in step 5, click Choose File

Navigate to the directory containing the blog’s File backup and select Open

Press Upload to update
So you already know how to backup (backup) and restore data for Blog already. With this tip, you can minimize the errors encountered when operating on the Blog such as lost posts, data loss, hacked … In addition, you can refer to How to create flowing text in Blog, Make a unique mouse cursor on Blog, ….


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