How to backup ETABS files automatically

How to backup ETABS files automatically

Backup files or Auto Save are two features that almost every graphic design software needs, ETABS is no exception, so how does ETABS automatic file backup enable and how to adjust it? ?

To avoid a bad temper worked all day but forgot to save then the computer has a blue screen, hangs or for some reason makes your computer restart, how will you handle it? It was a disaster, and because of that, ETABS users should set up automatic backup file ETABS. The feature allows for a period of time the system will automatically save your ETABS file to the exact location where you opened it.

Backup ETABS files automatically

How to automatically back up ETABS files is quite simple, just follow the instructions below that will give you a good tip.

How to backup ETABS files automatically

Attention: Before going into detailed instructions on how to backup ETABS files automatically, to guide the most effective readers should download the latest version of ETABS to see the image instructions are correct. Download ETABS about the computer here.

>> See download instructions and install ETABS If you have never installed this software before.

Step 1:To perform an automatic backup of the ETABS file, first open the ETABS software, opening the file that you need to back up automatically. We will only need to edit and backup the ETABS file automatically on a single file, the other files will automatically follow.

How to backup etabs file from 2

Step 2:In the ETABS file that you opened, take note of the menu bar section Options, click on it and make a selection Auto Save Model … This is the automatic backup file ETABS feature we are talking about.

How to backup etabs file from 3

Step 3:Board Options Auto Save Model will be displayed shortly after that Auto Save Model File at Specified Interval and select the time to save (in minutes).

How to backup etabs file from 4

Please note that the automatic backup feature of ETABS file, the shorter you set the time, the file will be saved continuously. However, with large files, there will be a situation of continuous file saving and sometimes stalling or hanging a bit if your computer is not highly configured.

So we have completed how to backup ETABS file automatically already. This procedure is quite simple and only need to do once for your software. So do not forget to perform the above operation to make sure you will not be wasting effort at any time.

Automatic backup of ETABS files is not only available on ETABS graphic software, but even AutoCAD is no exception as we mentioned above. AutoCAD users can also automatically bakcup their AutoCAD files just like ETABS in the above article, refer to How to back up AutoCAD files automatically here and activate it according to the instructions of the article.
ETABS or AutoCAD are professional graphic design software so there will be many problems during installation and use. Therefore, if you encounter any problems about these 2 graphic design software, you can leave comments in this article, the administrator team of will help you fix and handle.


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