How to block ads on IE 11, speed up Internet Explorer 11

Like Coc Coc and Chrome, advertising on IE 11 is not expected. Understanding this, will guide how to block ads on IE 11, help speed up Internet Explorer 11 effectively, from which you read newspapers, surf the web, watch videos … easily.

Internet Explorer 11 is currently the latest version on the default IE browser of the Windows operating system. Compared to current web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or CocCoc, IE 11 has high speed of web surfing and data security. Download CocCoc is also a new web browser but has also proved itself to be a formidable opponent of the remaining web browsers.

How to block ads on IE 11, speed up Internet Explorer 11

Instructions to block ads on IE 11 and speed up Internet Explorer 11

Step 1: Turn off toolbars, or Add-ons that are not in use.

You on Tool and Manager add-ons

toc for internet explorer 11

Step 2: Section Toolbar and Extensions Look to the right, you Disable unwanted toolbars

how to fix hair for ie 11

Step 3: Sang item Acceleators Similarly choose Disable unwanted items

guide to programming on web ie

Step 4: Stay optional Tracking Protection: Optionally allow blocking ads.

cach chan quang cao ie 11

You on Get a Tracking Protection List online… a list is displayed. You choose the desired options later Add to add options to the list to block unwanted ads

tang toc internet explorer 11

Above, has just instructed you to block ads on IE 11, speed up Internet Explorer 11. With these operations when browsing the Internet with IE, the page loading speed is increased significantly, and minimize advertising, or unwanted user tracking.
If you use the Google Chrome browser, you can too block ads on Google Chrome to avoid annoying ads, not only slow down the browsing speed but sometimes also contain many malicious links to your computer.


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