How to block advertising windows on Android devices

How to block advertising windows on Android devices

What’s more annoying when surfing the web on your phone, pop-up ads display constantly. In the following article, will guide you 3 ways to block advertising windows on Android devices.

Pop-up ads usually shown on Web browser, the apps screen, and even the notification area on the Android device. Refer to the following article of to learn some ways to block advertising windows on Android devices.

How to block advertising windows on Android devices

Table of Contents:
1. Turn off ads in the web browser.
2. Turn off full screen ads in the app.
3. Turn off ads on the notification area.

1. Turn off popup ads in web browsers

If you often use the browser Google Chrome On Android, you can do the following to turn off Popup:

First open Chrome, then Click on the icon 3 dashes in the top corner of the browser, select Settings =>Site Settings.

Next, you just need to click Pop-ups and redirects And disabling this option is done.

When ad notifications are disabled, Chrome will block all notifications and links from automatically appearing in your browser.

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Alternatively, you can enable Chrome’s data saving mode by selecting Settings -> More -> Data usage -> Data Saver and turn it on.

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2. Turn off full screen popup ads in apps

Method 1: Block ad windows on specific apps

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It is annoying when you are accessing certain apps or games that the popup window keeps pop up in Full-screen mode (full screen).

To stop advertising, the best way is to buy the Pro version or the ad-free version (without advertising) of the application. These applications usually appear in the form of in-app purchase. To download these applications, you need to pay a certain amount depending on each specific application.

=> Upgrade to Pro version or purchase non-advertising paid applications

=> in-app purchase: paid app

Method 2: Blocking advertisements of applications downloaded from untrusted sources

If the ads have only appeared recently, especially after you downloaded and installed apps from untrusted sources outside the Play Store, the culprit is most likely due to these apps. .

To view the applications that receive notifications, go to Settings-> Apps ┬Čifications-> Advanced> Special app access> Display over other apps. Then disable the function Allow display over other apps.

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Apps including system garbage collection, wallpaper collections, etc. often include a bunch of ads. Try other users’ reviews of the apps, see if they’re facing the same issues. If so, then uninstall these apps on your device and see if the pop-up ads are still displayed.

If the above method is not available, try checking the applications you have installed to see if any active applications override other applications. Open the application Settings (settings) =>Apps & notifications (apps & notifications) =>Advanced (advanced) =>Special app access (access special application) =>Display over other apps (displayed on another application).

This will display a list of the applications that you have installed that are authorized to display on other applications. Browse through the list of applications, if you see suspicious applications, select the application and set the item Allow display over other apps was OFF.

3. Turn off popup ads in the notification area

Although this is a type of notification hidden in the notification area, but its frequent appearance also makes users feel annoying.

To turn off notifications in this fashion, do the following:

Drag the screen from the top down to open the notification area. Click the i icon in the circle to display application information.

Or another way to display application notifications, visit Settings (Settings) =>Apps ┬Čification =>See all X apps. Then click on an app’s name to open its settings.

When the application dialog box opens, click the item Notifications (notifications) and disable notifications.

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Above are three ways to turn off pop-up ads on Android. With these three methods you can prevent annoying ads from your device and have a better surfing experience or use the application.
So the article above has instructed you on some ways to block pop-up ads on Android. Hope the information was helpful to you. Read if you have any questions or questions like how to turn off ads on Android then you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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