How to block cookies on Chrome browser

How to block cookies on Chrome browser

In the latest build of Chrome Canary, Google has added a number of new tests including cookie blocking on Chrome, specifically, in this new build, the cookie console has been significantly improved, and when is enabled, users will add a third-party cookie blocking option right on Chrome.

Information Firefox 69 is equipped with Mozilla to block third-party tracking cookies by default as part of the browser’s advanced tracking protection feature. Soon after, Google began testing a new feature that allows blocking third-party tracking cookies in Google Chrome. To do this, users can use the latest build to experience the blocking of cookies on Chrome browser called Chrome Canary browser.

Block third-party cookies on Chrome browser

Instructions for blocking cookies on Chrome browser

1. How to install new third-party cookies on Chrome

Step 1: Open Chrome browser -> click on 3 dot icon -> select Setting (Settings).

how to cookie on chrome 2

Step 2: Click on it Advanced (Advanced) -> and then find Website settings (Site Settings) -> Click on it or click the arrow as described in the image.

how to cookie on chrome 3

Step 3: In the next interface, you click on Cookies and website data -> then make turn on Block third-party cookies up by dragging the slider to the right.

how to cookie on chrome 4

When this feature is turned on, Chrome will automatically block third-party tracking cookies at the websites you visit. If you access Incognito mode, there will be a button in this feature that will appear in Omnibar to display a new dialog as described in the image below:

how to cookie on chrome 5

To see the list of cookíe blocked when you open Chrome in any browser mode, simply click on the shield icon next to the web address -> then click Cookies to see the list.

how to cookie on chrome 6

Immediately, there will be a dialog box Cookies are being used (Cookies in use) contains blocked tabs showing all blocked cookis.

how to delete cookies on chrome browser 7

This block is a warning for advertisers and tracking companies to note that blocking third-party scripts will soon be fixed by Google on all browsers, both official and official. Upcoming.

2. Enable third party cookie blocking in Chrome

For those of you who want to test this feature and allow third-party cookies to be blocked on Chrome, you should download the installation Google Chrome Canary 78 here.

Download finished, you perform the installation and perform the following steps:

Step 1: At the address bar, type chrome: // flags -> then press Enter to search.

how to cookie on chrome 8

Step 2: In the search box -> you enter improved cookie controls UI will appear cookies enable interface Enable improved cookie controls UI -> next, you choose Enabled to turn this feature on.

how to cookie on chrome 9

Step 3: Finally click on Relaunch To restart your browser, you have turned on the new feature in your browser’s cookie settings.

how to cookie on chrome 10
Above is a tutorial how Block cookies on Chrome browser official version as well as how to block third party cookies on Google Chrome Canary. According to Google, maybe next time the official Chrome version will be integrated with this special feature. Therefore, if integrated, users may set to block only third-party cookies that will not allow companies other than the sites you visit, view or use cookies on your browser, including with pages that were previously placed on your browser by third parties. In addition, you guys refer to the way delete cookies on the web browser here.


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