How to block friends on the latest Lotus

How to block friends on the latest Lotus

The feature to block friends on Lotus is simple and easy to activate, but not many users already know how to use it, this article of Taimienphi will guide in detail how to block friends, help you stop receiving messages. , notifications or objectionable content that you do not care about.

Block Friend good block message is one of the basic features that almost every social network owns, including Lotus. With this feature, users will avoid being bothered, annoyed by notifications or messages from accounts that they do not care.

How to block friends on Lotus

Lotus has supported Android and iPhone devices, choosing to download your device according to the options:

– Download Lotus for Android
– Download Lotus for iPhone

So how to enable the feature block friends on Lotus ? This question will be answered by Taimienphi for you in the following content.

How to block friends on Lotus

Step 1: Whether you want to completely block friends or simply stop receiving notifications or messages from your opponent, you first need to open the application and Log into your Lotus account mine.

Step 2: At the main working window, click the icon Personal page on the menu bar located at the bottom of the screen.

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Step 3: In the section Your fan , you’ll see a list of people currently following your account. Click on the account name of the person you want to block;

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Step 4: You will be redirected to their own profile page, click the button Message ;

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Step 5: In the message window, click Avatar ;

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Step 6: In the window Info Once opened, click on the item Notification and choose Disable to stop receiving message notifications from an opponent on the system;

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Step 7: You keep clicking the button Block the user and choose Yes to confirm you want to block the enemy;

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So you have completed the steps necessary to completely block receiving messages, notifications or content of the opponent. Hope that with tips block friends on Lotus Taimienphi has just introduced will help you have a more comfortable and enjoyable social networking experience! If you do not have a Lotus account, quickly register, create a Lotus account on your phone or computer to experience the most unique features on this MXH.


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