How to block reviews of iPhone and iPad apps on iOS 11

On smartphone devices, there are many applications that require ratings, and iPhone and iPad are no exception. Even if you have already evaluated to stop receiving those annoying requests but newly installed or updated applications, you will receive requests again. The iOS 11 version attempted to fix this issue, limiting how often apps send review requests to users and allowing the request to be stopped permanently.

Apps can only claim ratings up to 3 times per year

When you upgrade to iOS 11, you’ll see a lot of useful changes and new features. Applications must use Apple’s standard way to request reviews, which is the SKStoreReviewController API – the method that controls the process of requesting ratings. Apple will reject apps that use their own rating request. An app can only claim a rating 3 times per year, even if developers update the app, this limit won’t change. This will help prevent apps that are annoying to users.

How to block apps from asking for ratings with iOS 11

In addition to strict review rules, Apple also introduced a new setting in iOS 11 that allows blocking apps from submitting rating requests. By default, applications are allowed to send requests to users, but you can disable this feature if you want.

To do that, you need access Settings > iTunes & App Store.

Scroll down until you see the option In-App Ratings & Reviews Then click the slider next to it to turn off this feature.

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Of course, if you want to leave a review or rating for an app, you can head to the App Store to do so.

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