How to blur the background image in PowerPoint

Adding images and blurring the background image in PowerPoint makes your presentation more impressive and unique. Simplified.

If the presentation file, your slide file is colorless, empty will be very monotonous and of course will not attract viewers with the slides, the presentation file has a background with the images behind. To be reasonable, when you choose an image as the background for your presentation, you should Blur the background image go to make the main content of the presentation stand out, catch the attention of the viewers.

Tricks background blur image in PowerPoint

How to blur the background image in PowerPoint

In this article, will use it PowerPoint 2010 to blur the background image, please follow.

Step 1: At the newly opened PowerPoint interface -> click on the tab Thiết kế -> then click on the item Background Styles. Here, you choose Format Background to replace the background image for the slide.

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Step 2: Display Format Background appears -> you tick Picture or texture fill -> you will see the option to add images as a background.

Next, at the bottom you click the button File to upload images available on your computer.

How to make backgrounds in powerpoint 3

Step 3: You navigate to the folder containing images on your computer -> then click on the image you want to add -> and then click Insert.

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* Some notes in Step 3:

– Should choose images as a balanced background, those images should highlight the content on the presentation slides.
– You should choose images with bright backgrounds, and should include small dark details will be very prominent.

Step 4: At interface Format Background -> you come to Transparency -> here, you proceed to adjust the horizontal bar to blur the background image (you can also adjust by clicking the arrow next to the horizontal bar to select the percentage of image blur).

how to make backgrounds in powerpoint 5

The steps above are that you blur the background image only applies to 1 slide is open. If you want to blur the background image for all existing slides:

– Click on any slide and press the shortcut key combination Ctrl + A to select entire slides.

– The operations to blur the background image -> you follow the steps in the instructions above. Alternatively, you can blur a slide and then press Enter to create many similar slides is fine.

Step 5: Finally, you enter the content for the slide, and adjust the text color accordingly, highlight the background image has been blurred as completed.

how to make backgrounds in powerpoint 6
Above is the tutorial Blur the background image in PowerPoint use the 2010 PowerPoint version. With other versions such as PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2013 you just need to know how insert wallpaper into Slide has shared that it is possible to perform image blurring similar to the instructions in this article. Good luck!


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