How to boot the computer faster, apply Win 7, 8.1, 10

There are many quicker ways to start your computer, which you can do to your device, use the software, or use the built-in Windows feature. Refer to how to help speed up the boot of Windows 7, 8.1 or Win 10 computer below.

Long-time computers will have a slower boot time, longer on Windows than the first time, there are many causes of this situation such as installing too many software, applications or during use, many files. Garbage is created taking up hard drive space ….

How to boot the computer faster, apply Win 7, 8.1, 10

For details on how to start the computer faster for each operating system, refer to:

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The content below will apply to most current operating systems, you pay close attention to offline

Instructions on how to boot the computer faster

Method 1: Disable the application program to not load at startup

Step 1 To enter Run by pressing the key Windows + R and type in that word “Msconfig” then press Enter.

Step 2 A table will appear System Configuration Utility

Step 3 In this table, click on Tab Statup. This contains the programs that start with the computer you checked into before unnecessary programs. (Some programs such as anti-virus software should not be checked because it’s a protection program) Apply To apply the changes, press OK, got it to exit the table.

Then proceed to restart the computer is okay.

Method 2: Disable the hardware program to not load at startup

Step 1 You right click Computer choose Manage.

Step 2 A table Computer Management appears, select the item Device Manager to display a list of hardware devices that are booting up on the computer.

Step 3 You look to devices that are not needed to disable such as no printer, then choose Print queues, unused USB SCSI CD …then right-click and choose Disable to disable it and exit the table.

So that you have in hand the method to help the computer boot faster, through this procedure will help you in the process of using the computer.
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