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How to break paragraphs in Word


Word paragraph break is a trick for users to divide the text into different parts, easy to edit. The text after you have paragraph breaks Word 2010, 2007, 2013, 2016, 2003 will be into many – sections to help you easily edit the layout without affecting other paragraphs.

Tips paragraph breaks in Word be applied by many users in case they want split the text into many different sections to edit. The paragraph break Word helps us edit the layout of each paragraph without affecting other paragraphs. This tip is suitable when you have to edit long texts and essays, and just needing a Enter key makes the layout of the text move. In the Word paragraph break, there are 4 small operations, see instructions for breaking paragraphs in Word The following is an example of how to perform this operation and the use of each paragraph break in Word.

How to break paragraphs in Word 2010, 2007, 2013, 2016 and 2003

Step 1: In the edited Word text interface, click Page Layout.

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Step 2: Select section Breaks in Page Layout to start paragraph breaks Word.

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Step 3: Word paragraph breaks are detailed in the section Section Breaks. Word paragraph breaks are divided into:

Next page: Break a section with a new page next. If the position you choose to break the Word page in the middle of the paragraph, the Next Page will go down to a new page.

Continuos: This allows for breaks in the middle of the page at that position without line breaks, as opposed to the above feature.

Even Page: Even page breaks

Odd Page: Page break odd

For example you choose Next Page.

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The text will be jumps to the next new page. Can click on Header to view the sections that have been interrupted by Word

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The above instructions of gave you a basic view about the features of Word paragraph breaks. Open the document immediately to test the Word break feature to help you edit the text easily.

In a word document, it is common to split columns to use in many different cases, the trick of dividing text into multiple columns in Word will be simple for those who are familiar with Word, but for some of you. not exposed much, if you find the feature to split text into multiple columns in Word will take a lot of time, so if there are difficulties, please comment on the Fanpage Taimienphi to get answers for you!
In addition, when you work in Word, copying text to Word can lead to typos in Word. Actually, users can fix the sticky words in Word very simply. It only takes a few small steps to fix heterogeneity errors in Word versions to fix sticky words in Word. Hopefully the simple tips of will help you use Microsoft Word to draft text most easily.



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