How to break the password of a Windows 7 and XP computer

In this article, we will show you how to break password of Win XP Win 7 computer extremely easily. This is the method you can use anytime without the need for external software.

In the process of using, many people have set a login password and forgot when they did not know. In most cases you can use the method in the article break the password to log into Windows XP to fix, or you can use the method in this article as an alternative.

How to break computer password win 7, XP

Step 1: Please restart the computer, press F8 repeatedly to display the screen Windows Advanced Options Menu, select now Safe mode and press enter.

enter the login password win xp 7

Step 2: After the log on screen appears, you will see 2 accounts, an account you are using (forgot your password) and an Administrator account. Select the Administrator account to log in to.

making a computer win xp

Step 3: From the Start menu select Control Panel as in the picture.

win xp 7 password maker, password win xp 7 login, password win xp password

Choose next User Accounts.

Select the account you forgot your password.

Click on the button Remove the Password as shown below.

Confirm again before restarting the computer to finish.
So just with the simple steps above, you have broken the Win XP / Win 7 computer password already. However, this method is only applicable in case you use an account different from the Administrator account. If you use the Administrator account and forgot the password, please refer to the article How to reset the Win 7 password that we have provided.


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