How to build a house in AOE empire

Building a house in the AOE Empire is a very important job, helping players not to be opponent machines, to have time to develop and ask troops to fight back. If you are a longtime player, it is probably not strange anymore, and for newbies, it is very difficult to boar so it is reasonable and really effective, the article below will guide show you how to build a house in the AOE Empire.

AOE empire game is a long-term strategy game that takes a lot of operations, wanting to play good empire requires players to have tactical thinking, intelligence, agility and manipulation to be standard as well as the home . In solo or team maps, it is very important to build a house depending on the type of army.

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What is the house in the AOE empire?

– A way for gamers to cover their houses, not allow opponents to enter their houses (be it the people or the opponent’s army), avoid the situation of being stuck with machines and losing hands in the development process.

– The main house is the foundation for the development of big hands, so first, let the people search for all directions near the main house. The nooks and crannies along the forest, rocky beaches and gold mines are so impenetrable. While bo, you still have to focus on development.

Which houses are often used to bo

Is to use the houses (BE), BB or BM, also known as the conditional home to bo area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir business and development.

Force your opponent to go around or attack the house you’ve created. Because when the enemy gets into the main house, your development facilities are harassed so you lose your hands.

Bo bo field

– According to the experience of the gamer, should build, boiled compared to many conditions BN, BG with approx way = 1 BE, the purpose is to when the enemy slashes at it, I bo just 1 BE

– The layout of houses and gardens is also very important because we arrange well, the productivity and agility of farmers are pushed to the highest level, so we do not lose much manipulation. The beautiful house also helps you to boil easily and use less resources.

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Should start bo at any point in the game

– Often gamers or bo, housing frame in the 4th or 5th BE or more When letting people go on the road.

* For the guillotine fighters, they often boast gold and wooden yards.
* And for archers, they are more open to facilitate the development of big hands later.

– In Random solo matches, the fact that the buffalo and the house boa is 80-90% winning. You should also arrange people to repair when attacked, if the people are good, you will hold out longer and during that time you can pull troops to the defense in time. In addition, it is necessary to arrange more people so that the repairing speed is faster.

Note when the Mo inside in the terrain to catch or difficult to bo

– Pay attention when checking the house, check if there is any openings. Pay attention to the terraces, the edge of the forest, the edge of the rocky beach. The main test method is to point the people out, if the people can still run out, you are not closed so you should find a place for people to pass.
Above has shared the experiences and the most basic things in home boating in the AOE empire. Each tactic has its advantages and disadvantages. You can also refer to more ways arranging people in the empire to be more adventurous and squirrel. Wish you have a good time playing the game.


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