How to build DTCL Mage season 6

This season 6 wizard DTCL owns quite a lot of quality generals such as Malzahar, Vex, Lux DTCL, Viktor DTCL… The mages deal quite strong damage and add AP to your allies if you have enough Mage. in the team.

In the past, Mages were originally a thin resistance force in their clan. But in this season 6, although few, we also have more tankers like Swain and especially Vex. With the nature of their skills, these are completely two effective tankers in the list of DTCL magicians season 6.

Surely you will need a “curriculum” to build a Mage in DTCL season 6, even though you already know the role of the generals in the game. To know how the Mage squad is formed in DTCL season 5, please refer to the content below.

Mage generals season 6 DTCL

  • Twisted Fate (Gang – Mage) – 1 gold
  • Ziggs (Yordle – Recycle – Mage) – 1 gold
  • Swain (Empire – Mage) – 2 gold
  • Malzahar (Mutant – Mage) – 3 gold
  • Vex (Yordle – Mage) – 3 gold
  • Lux (Academy – Mage) – 4 gold
  • Viktor (Chemistry – Mage) – 5 gold

The mage who supports the whole squad receives more magic power, so all champions will deal better damage in the team. However, you need to click more buffs to have the best AP for the Mages.

Therefore, the positions of support to resist and control will not be many. So let’s arrange the generals dealing damage and resisting together so that it is reasonable.

Malzahar, Ziggs, Lux will be good damage dealers. Vex and Swain will stand by. Viktor appears last depending on the situation, you can set him up as a secondary or main carry. Twisted Fate is simply a buff and early-game damage support champion.

How to build the Mage squad season 6 DTCL

Early game

build mage season 6 dtcl

At the beginning of the game, let’s start simple, look for Mage champions along with another tank like Blitz. If you win, continue to level 5 and add 4 Wizards.

Between game

build mage season 6 dtcl

Go to level 6 and gather what you think is necessary. In the middle of the game is the time when you have to get 4 Wizards, now Malzahar will be the main damage general and recruit more Poppy to stand in the tanker line.


6 Sorcerers

build mage season 6 dtcl

These 6 Wizards are probably Vex who will hold the line to resist. Since there are 3 Yordles, it will be easier to get 3 stars for Vex. Ziggs and Lulu also get star boosts and if all three get 3 stars, this is also a significant source of support in the team.

Lux, Viktor, Malzahar will be the main sources of damage, Janna heals the champions in the bottom row. Swain will add support for Vex on defense. The necessary equipment should be pushed to Lux and Malzahar.

4 Sorcerers

build mage season 6 dtcl

Lower AP is added but cast time is faster thanks to Scholars. Although the tanker is now only in charge of Vex. Before that, you should add 1-2 tank champions to the squad with Vex.

Lux and Malzahar will deal main damage, although 5 gold Viktor can do better damage late game but he has high mana. But with a weak tank formation as above, it is necessary to cast skills faster. So Lux and Malzahar dealing damage in this case is reasonable.


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