How to burn data discs, MP3 music without software Win XP, 7 with pictures is confident that you will not want to install less-used, or unnecessary software on your computer. For burning MP3 data disc, too, in this article we will guide you to burn discs without using Win XP, 7 software.

If you want to burn data discs, regular MP3 music, you just need to use the capabilities available in Windows is enough. However, if you want to write data to a blank disc (CD / DVD …), the first requirement is that the computer must be equipped with a drive with a burning function.

How to burn data discs, MP3 music without software Win XP, 7 with pictures.

Step 1: On the Explore window, right-click on the MP3 file, select Send to >DVD RW Drive.

If there is no blank disc, the computer will display the following message. Now the drive will automatically eject to let us insert a blank disc.

mp3 recording not phan mem

Step 2: Tick ​​the second option (With a CD / DVD player) for this disc to be read on the player, when dropped onto the computer, it will play automatically (auto play).

save data without mem xp win 7

After clicking next 3 times, Windows will start conducting data recording.

how to record mp3 music without mem, mp3 memo without mem, mp3 mem x dat mem win 7

After the writing process is completed, the disc will automatically start Eject (take it outside).
By the steps above, hopefully you will understand the process of writing data disc, MP3 music without Windows XP software, 7 with pictures. Instead of installing costly and time-consuming software, you can do it yourself with the software built into Windows, simply and conveniently. Also please refer Burn CDs on Windows 8 / 8.1 using the included tool For more details.


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