How to buy on installments at Thegioididong

Instructions on how to buy installment payments at Thegioididong, support online purchase installments (computers, phones, laptops, …) at Thegioididong with 0% interest rate without wasting time waiting for information inquiry and procedures Installment purchase at Thegioididong supermarket.

You love a technology product for a long time but haven’t accumulated enough money to buy it directly. You know about the installment purchase method at Thegioididong but do not know the procedure, how to buy documents, how long does it take?

Do not worry, all of your problems will be answered in the article on how to make an installment purchase of Let’s find out!

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How to buy on installments at Thegioididong

1. Benefits of buying on installments at Thegioididong

– Be contracted to pay by installments with reputable financial companies such as FE Credit, Home Credit, ..
– Buy installments with most products at Thegioididong with a value of VND 2,300,000 or more (for phones) and VND 3,000,000 or more (for laptops, cameras, tablets, …) ).
– Buy installments with the procedure, simple profile, you can register to buy installments online and bring your application only once to complete the installment procedure.
– Free telephone advice from Thegioididong customer service staff
– Support for making installment payment documents at home and delivering products directly
– Especially, after signing the installment contract at Thegioididong, in the first 14 days, you can cancel the contract, return the device or change to another product.

2. Conditions for buying installments at Thegioididong

– Age from 20 -60 (If students, support from 18 years)
– Valid ID card / ID card.
– Household registration book (with a certified copy of the original book in a period not exceeding 3 months). For installment loans of less than 10 million, you can replace it with a driver’s license

Note: The documents to be prepared above are the originals. After making the installment file, the lender will check, collate the information in the file and return it to you

3. How to make an installment purchase at Thegioididong

* Buy installments directly at Thegioididong’s stores

Normally, to buy installments at Thegioididong, you refer to the product installment information on Thegioididong website, prepare a certain amount (about 10%, 20%, ..) of the value of the product and the paper Basic personal flyer to Thegioididong shop for instructions on making installment purchase documents. After about 30 minutes from the time of filing, Thegioididong staff will notify the result of your application appraisal (whether or not to be approved to buy installments). If approved to buy, you can pick up the device directly at Thegioididong and leave.

* Buy online installments at Thegioididong

Step 1: Visit or Thegioididong app on the phone to select the product to buy on installments according to individual needs. (Note: Products being applied for installment purchase at Thegioididong will have a note below the product (Example: 0% installment payment via credit card, installment purchase from … VND / month only)

If you have not downloaded Thegioididong app, you can download it directly Here

Step 2: Click on the “installment purchase“, the system will automatically calculate the prepaid amount and the monthly installment amount for the product.

buying goods in thegioididong gop 2

Step 3: Fill personal information in the form instructed on the screen, press “Installment purchase“to confirm your purchase.

buying goods in thegioididong shop 3

After buying on installments at Thegioididong, within 30 minutes after sending the purchase information, Thegioididong staff will call you for advice and support you to choose the installment loan packages suitable for your financial condition. You also guide you to complete the necessary documents and papers

Step 4: Make an installment plan and receive the product

You can choose the location for the installment document at the nearest Thegioididong store or request to make a profile at home.

If you want to make an installment purchase document at the nearest Thegioididong store: If you bring all your documents (ID card, household registration book, driver’s license, …) to the nearest Thegioididong supermarket, the installment counselor at Thegioididong will transfer your application to the financial partners. expertise. Results of application evaluation will be available within 30 minutes after submission. If your application is valid, you will receive the product directly afterwards

– If required to make a document of purchase by installments at home: The installment counselor at Thegioididong will contact you to notify the papers and documents to be prepared and make an appointment to come home to get all related documents. If your application is approved, you can choose to visit Thegioididong directly to receive products or register to receive goods at home.
Above are all the steps you need to take to make an installment purchase at Thegioididong. During the installment purchase process at Thegioididong, if there are any errors or questions, you can contact Thegioididong switchboard (18001060) for advice and support.


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