How to calculate age in Excel

How to calculate age in Excel

Recently, has received a question from a reader that it is impossible to calculate the age in excel despite trying many ways. Today, we will learn about how to calculate age in Excel with the YEAR and DATEDIF functions, and also to answer this question for you readers on offline.

In Excel there are many functions in general such as SUM … and age functions in particular such as YEAR .. but applying them correctly in calculations is not easy at all. Anyway, not to mention the cells in Excel that show non-numeric characters also need to format the cell for it. To Calculate age in Excel, you follow the instructions below.

How to calculate age in Excel 2003, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2016

Specifically, the above reader encountered an error when entering the formula: = YEAR (NOW ()) – YEAR (D6) to calculate age, the result is given 1/27/1900 , not the age.

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This error appears because the result box is in Format is on the date, we just need to switch Format of this cell type Number is to be. The transfer is as follows.

Step 1 : Highlight all the cells in the column Year old

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Step 2: Right-click the selected cells and then select Format Cell …

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Step 3 : In the dialog box that appears, select the item Number . Here you can see the section Decimal places is to select the fraction of fractions to display. Since the age we are for sure is an integer, you can let it be 0 . Then press OK, got it .

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The result will be 27, which is the exact age of Pham Thanh Tu up to the present time.

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Alternatively, we can use the function DATEDIF to calculate age.

– Enter the box E7 The formula is as follows: = DATEDIF (D7, NOW (), “y”). Then press Enter

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The result will be the age of the employee.

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Above is an explanation of how to calculate age in Excel through functions DATEDIF and YEAR . Hopefully through this article you can understand and easily perform age calculations in Excel. In Excel there are many other date functions that you can refer to to refresh your way, each Excel date function has its own unique syntax.
If in the process of implementation you have difficulties, do not be afraid to comment below, technical team will support you.


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