How to cancel a room on Booking without charge quickly

You accidentally booked the wrong hotel room, booked the wrong date on Booking or for some other reason, so please apply the cancellation method on Booking now. However, you should remember that depending on the hotel’s policy and cancellation time, you will lose money or not.

Booking is a hotel booking app platform with global coverage, loved and chosen by many people. Because not only does it suggest hotels according to your wishes and needs, but Booking also supports cancellation of bookings. For Booking’s cancellation policy, 2 – 5 days before arrival, you can cancel the hotel room that you have previously booked for free, some for a fee. How to cancel a room on Booking is as follows. Please refer to it for easy cancellation.

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How to cancel a hotel room on

1. Instructions on how to cancel a room on Booking

How to cancel a hotel room on Booking on computers and Android and iOS phones has the same steps. Therefore, will guide you how to cancel on your computer. As for the phone, you do the same.

Step 1: Go to and then log in to your account.
Step 2: LIVE upper right corneryou click on your account.

How to create a hotel room on Booking

Step 3: You click “Reservations“.

How to display data on Booking

Step 4: You click on the hotel you want to cancel.

Is the glory on Booking not free?

Step 5: On the right hand side, you click “Cancel reservation“.

Payment Booking by the ATM

Step 6: You click on the box “Reason“.

How to win on Agoda

The system will suggest the reasons, please choose suitable reason best.

The booking method on Booking cannot be trusted

If the system suggests to continue, then you continue choose reason.

What's the name of the landlady?

Step 7: You click “Continue” on the right side.

My Booking

Step 8: You click “Cancel reservation” same picture.

How to create a hotel on Booking

After a few seconds, the Booking system will display a message that your reservation has been canceled for FREE as shown below.

Set up a new location on Booking

To be sure, you can go to gmail to see Booking confirmation of cancellation.

Winning the glory of booking

In addition to booking and cancellation policies, Booking and Agoda also allow you to register to sell hotel rooms. If you own a hotel and want to sell it on Agoda, please refer to the following article.

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2. Is there a fee for Cancellation on Booking?

If you are intending to cancel a room on Booking, please read the cancellation policy clearly to ensure your rights and avoid losing money unjustly. Usually, Booking will not charge your credit card when you book or may not require you to integrate a credit card first, allowing you to pay at the hotel.

In the case of a built-in credit card and you want to change rooms close to the arrival date, Booking will often deduct your money, which is completely understandable. Because each hotel will have different cancellation policies.

Group 1: Free cancellation

Most hotels on Booking have a policy of free cancellation up to a certain time close to the date of the customer’s booking. Some hotels have a free cancellation policy 1-2 days before check-in date, some hotels have a free cancellation policy 5-7 days before arrival date. Therefore, you should carefully study the hotel cancellation policy to make it right.

If you cancel your room before the check-in date at the hotel but do not cancel within the free period, you will lose money with the exact amount that the hotel offers for the first night.

Group 2: Cancel the room and lose money

Cancellation for loss of money is usually applied by 4-5 star hotels, villas and resorts. Because the room is sold at a cheap price, there is no cancellation or refund policy or maybe because you booked the room close to the departure date, the hotel implements a non-refundable policy when booking.
Above is How to cancel a room on BookingPlease apply when needed. However, advises you to research carefully, consider when choosing a hotel… to be able to book a suitable room, limit cancellation.

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