How to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has officially launched in Vietnam, what have you prepared to catch Pokemon Go, each type of Pokemon Go they are scattered throughout the city and around where you live. To catch Pokemon Go you have to move quite a lot as well as need certain skills to avoid losing the ball when catching Pokemon. Some players who do not know how to catch Pokemon will also find a solution in this article

Pokemon Go must be a name that everyone knows throughout the past month and especially now that Pokemon Go has officially launched Vietnam server. The Trainer (trainer) had the opportunity to show off their skills by collecting hundreds of different types of rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

For those who are new to playing or not yet learning about Pokemon Go, it is actually a bit of a surprise, although the game is quite simple but and how to play Pokemon Go, but learning about how to play Pokemon Go and how to catch Pokemon Go in Pokemon go will also help you “on the” fast as well as save a limited number of Pokeball to bring.

Instructions on how to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Step 1: First, to catch Pokemon you have to move, until Pokemon appear on the map (or phone vibrates), you click on that Pokemon to proceed to catch.

how to play pokemon go

Step 2: To catch Pokemon you have to pay attention to throw the ball properly, toss your finger straight to Pokemon and of course to adjust the force so that it is not too strong. Also Pokemon know counterattack, dodge or knock the balls to them there.

how to play pokemon go

Note: The smaller the circle, the more EXP you get when you succeed.

Step 3: If caught successfully, there will be a notice to you to know, or Pokemon will exit.

how to play pokemon go

Step 4: There are 3 different types of color rings to identify how easy or easy it is to catch Pokemon

Green ring: Easy catch level.

Gold ring: Average catch level.

Red circle: Catch level is difficult

how to play pokemon go

Step 6: There is one more thing, if it is a new Pokemon you will receive 600 EXP with 3 candy and 100 Startdust, and if it is a Pokemon that ever caught, you will only receive 3 candies with 100 Stardust.

how to play pokemon go

Above is how to catch Pokemon go that wants to guide readers, provide more information for new players in the first phase, please look forward to our next post for the latest information. about Pokemon Go, do not forget to create your own Pokemon Go account, registering Pokemon Go will help you get the full support from the publisher. And if you’ve learned the basics of Pokemon Go then learn more about the indicators like CP and HP in Pokemon Go, refer to the article talking about the indicators. CP and HP in Pokemon Go to know their uses. After catching Pokemon, you will see Pokemon in your inventory, in order for your Pokemon to be stronger than you need to upgrade, evolve Pokemon for more CP power, we recommend that you upgrade and evolve Pokemon’s before going to the gym.
In addition, Pokemon is divided into many different types, their rarity is also different, so you also need to pay attention to the rarity of Pokemon in Pokemon Go to determine your main Pokemon type and hunt.


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