How to center a table cell in Word 2019

To align text in a document such as center, left, right … it is too familiar to users to edit documents. With the latest Office, centering a cell in a table in Word 2019, in addition to normal alignment, you need to do a few more small steps to make alignment in Word 2019.

Normally, the standard alignment operation in Word users can choose the function Align center, left or right… available on the Home tab in the Ribbon to center, left or right … Another way is to use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + E, to center. However, if working with tables, when the text is wide and high, the above functions will still work, but when just aligned, the spacing in the cell will not be standard, unreasonable because there will be skewed on the top, bottom or left, right, this time the center of the cell in the table on Word will be more difficult.

Align text between cells in Word

Clearly center a cell in a table in Word For the words in the table you will still use the normal alignment, then you will have to perform a few more operations so that the text is not only in the middle of the line, but also in the middle of the cell.

Instructions to center a cell in a table in Word 2019

Suppose you have a document with a table like in the image below. The text in the table is not centered. You do the following to make alignment in Word 2019:

Step 1: Highlight the text to be centered -> Click Home -> select Center or you press the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + E to center the line.

How to stay in the state in word 2019 2

Step 2: When the text is centered -> go to the next item Layout is in part Table Tools

How to stay in state in word 2019 3

Step 3: Then choose the next section Align Center as described in the image below so that the text is aligned to the middle of the table in Word 2019

How to stay in state in word 2019 4

Manipulating and editing Word files in general and center a cell in a table in Word in particular, the simple, basic and frequently used operations we use when working on the tools that are built into MS Word. Aligning the text will not be the same as when you align in a table, in this case the user must use the Align Table function in the table in Word as just instructed.
In addition, to have beautiful, standard Word documents, you need to know how to display beautiful text, know how to align correctly in Word, or manipulate columns in Word … for example for submission. display becomes more beautiful, easy to see and more reasonable.


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