How to Change DNS when the network is slow, on facebook is blocked, gmail … DNS Google

In this article, will guide you how to change DNS on Windows 10, 8, 7 … details and specifics so you can change DNS quickly, fix Facebook, gmail … is blocked and helps the network load faster. Invite you to refer

Changing the standard DNS can help you access the web more quickly by reducing the DNS lookup time (looking for the IP of the website), in some cases, it can go to facebook as well as some blocked websites. The following article will guide you how to change your fast DNS to speed up access to other websites on Windows 7,8 and XP. However, if you only want to access facebook, blog or blocked websites, you can find out How to fix host file about the IP of those service servers.

Instructions on how to change DNS when the network is slow, on facebook is blocked, gmail

Table of Contents:
1. What is DNS ?.
2. Note after changing DNS.
3. Change DNS to access Facebook, the Web is blocked.
3.1. How to change DNS on Win 10.
3.2. How to change DNS on Win 7.
3.3. Change DNS in Windows XP.
3.4. List of popular DNS IPs in Vietnam.

1. What is DNS?

DNS is the domain name server system (Domain) becomes an IP address, without a DNS system, the computer can not understand which domain names belong to which name server, so using a stable DNS is very important, helping you access the Easy website.

Google DNS

Public DNS Google or is the stable DNS and is used by many people so in some cases the network is slow, due to the international optical cable break you can also use to be accessible, article on changing DNS Google 8.8 .8.8 and are the machine’s default DNS, but you should use a combination of DNS from different providers to increase stability. The usual way is to use or and a carrier’s own DNS IP I’m using as VNPT, Viettel, or FPT, Netnam… the DNS of these carriers we update below the article

2. Note after changing DNS

After you fix the new DNS, try again The website you want to visit is not yet enabled then the computer may still cache old information so you should restart the computer And perform the following additional steps:
Reset service DNS client: Press 2 keys at the same time Windows + R -> RUN command window appears, type services.msc, continue to press the key ENTER go to Services -> Find to DNS Client -> Right mouse -> Select Restart
Clear Chrome’s DNS Cache: In the chrome address bar enter: chrome: // net-internals / # dns -> Press the “Clear host cache“.
Clear the operating system cache: Press 2 keys at the same time Windows + R -> RUN command window appears, type ipconfig / flushdns Press Enter.

Changing DNS is one of the most popular ways to access Facebook so that users do not have to use supporting software such as Ultrasuf or Hotpots Shield.

3. Change DNS to access Facebook, the Web is blocked

3.1. How to change DNS on Win 10

Step 1: Right-click the network icon located in the Windows system tray, click the item Open Network and Sharing Center.

wait on facebook

Step 2: Click the wired or Wi-Fi network icon in the box Connection.

Please login to Facebook

Step 3: In the network status interface, click the item Properties.

How to wait on Facebook when blocked

Step 4: At the interface to adjust network parameters, go to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4). Click on this protocol and continue to click Properties.

Dns on computer

Step 5: By default, the computer will always get a DNS address automatically so that users do not need to customize it but for some reason, that DNS may be the reason why users cannot access Facebook due to being DNS blocking. Thus, setting up and changing DNS will reset the access path to Facebook as usual.

How to use on computer

In the tab General, you tick the item Use the following DNS server addresses and enter the following DNS:

Finally hit OK, got it >OK, got it to confirm DNS changes on the computer.

3.2. How to change DNS on Win 7

First, check the Internet icon in the right corner of the selection screen Network and sharing Center.

change DNS on Windows XP, Windows 7.8

How to change DNS win 7, win 8, XP on facebook

Next click on Local Area Connection Status.

Dns on pc

Instructions to change DNS on facebook win 7 & win 8

When the Window window Local Area Connection Status appear. Choose Properties.

How to change settings on Windows 7, 8, and XP

How to change DNS on Win 7, 8, XP

Then click on the line Internet Protocol Verison 4 (TCP / IPv4) click Properties.

how to use windows 7, 8, windows xp to facebook, blogspot

How to change DNS Win 7, 8, Win XP to Facebook, Blogspot

A new window will appear. Go down to DNS. Click Use Following DNS sever Adresses and enter international DNS like of Norton
or DNS Google

Then click Ok

guide to using facebook latest update 2020

Instructions to change DNS to access the latest blocked facebook 2020

Note: For changing DNS Win 8, you do the same with how to do Win 7.

3.3. Change DNS in Windows XP how to do the following:

First press the button Start lower left corner then select Control Panel.

Dns on Windows XP, go to Facebook on Windows XP
Instructions for using Google DNS to access Facebook when blocked
In the window Control Panel, navigate to the icon Network Connections. double click it.
guide to win 10
In this window select Network Connetions (If there are multiple network icons
How to change win 10 when you work
A new window appears, click on the button Properties.
wait for windows 7
Then Select Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and click the button Properties
wait for windows win xp
Tick ​​the button Use the following DNS server addresses and enter DNS below it.
to quickly access the web
Fill in those 2 boxes with the following DNS:

First type the number 8 then type a space (space) so on and enter then Click OK

3.4. List of popular DNS IPs in Vietnam.

DNS Viettel:
DNS NetNam
DNS Singapore

With fast DNS change will help you access the Internet faster is also a way to help you to blog blocked. In addition, you can access some restricted websites by country or some international sever software with the fastest DNS above.

If you want to go to facebook you can also refer to some way to login Facebook Another option is to have more options in case the DNS change fails
Video fastest DNS change guide.

To understand how to change DNS, please see the following video tutorial


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