How to change DNS Windows XP, help on Facebook blocked

The Windows XP DNS switch is similar to other operating systems. If you are still wondering about how to change DNS Windows XP, refer to the following article. Certainly with specific instructions, detailed steps with images will help you be able to convert quickly.

Change DNS Windows XP quite similar to Windows 7 when the operations are somewhat similar. But let’s ignore the issue of similarities between operating systems that we talk about the benefits of changing DNS Win XP. Changing DNS Windows XP will help us access many services and websites faster like Facebook and especially in case Facebook is blocked, using DNS to access Facebook is also one of the countless options to help you access Facebook. like nowadays.

Switch DNS Windows XP, increase Internet speed

Although today the Windows XP operating system is no longer popular or used as much as before, there are still users using Windows XP and that is also a readers of as required to change Windows XP DNS. Therefore, this article will show you how to change the DNS of Windows XP to know the functions as well as be used for many purposes.

Instructions to change DNS Windows XP

Step 1: On the desktop, click the icon Start Menu then select Control Panel.

how to change windows xp

Step 2: In the section Control Panel You choose to continue Network and Internet Connections.

how to change windows xp

Step 3: Here you select the section Network Connections, here will manage the network you are connected to is also part of us can switch DNS Windows XP.

how to adjust windows xp

Step 4: Here you will see an icon Local Area Connection is in state EnabledRight click on it and select it Properties.

how to change windows xp

In the interface Local Area Connection Status please click Properties continue.

how to change windows xp

Step 5: And in Local Area Connection Properties double click on the line Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) to carry out the exchange DNS Windows XP.

how to change windows xp

Here you choose Use the following DNS server addreses with 1 of 3 DNS:

Google DNS: /

Open DNS: /

CloudFlares DNS: /

how to change windows xp

Then just confirm OK and then close, the change of DNS Windows XP is complete.

So we have just finished changing Windows XP DNS, changing DNS on Windows XP is completely easy and helps a lot of readers.
For those who are using Windows 10 or new to this operating system because not knowing how to change DNS on Windows 10 is also quite normal, and if you fall into that situation, do not hesitate and visit immediately. on We have a way to help you change DNS on Win 10 with detailed instructions, simple and effective.


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