How to change Firefox language to Vietnamese or English

How to change Firefox language to Vietnamese or English

You can easily change the Firefox language to whatever language you want as long as you can use it. If you do not know how to change Firefox language into Vietnamese, English, please immediately refer to the instructions below of

You can completely change the language of Firefox into Vietnamese or English as you like, suitable to the needs of using Firefox, if you do not understand English, you can change to Vietnamese or if you feel like using English helps you to use all the features of the browser because sometimes the language translator also does not express the full meaning of that function. Starting with Firefox 57 and later, Firefox Quantum will be renamed, users will experience many new features and greater processing performance, including, transfer capabilities change firefox language remain the same.

Instructions to change Firefox language into Vietnamese or English depending on the setting

Normally when the installation of Firefox is completed, the browser interface will display in any default language. However, to use Firefox more effectively, you can customize and change the Firefox language using the steps below.

Table of Contents:
Method 1: High availability.
Method 2: The availability is not high.

Instructions on how to change the Firefox language

Method 1: High availability

Here is how to change the Firefox language that is used the most by the following methods:
Step 1: Remove Firefox from the application manager in Control Panel or use 3rd party software such as Your Uninstall, Orbit Uninstall, … See how to uninstall Firefox off the computer.
Step 2: Choose from 2 versions of Firefox Vietnamese or Firefox English (English) below to install instead
– Download Vietnamese Firefox to your computer: Download Firefox Vietnamese
– Download Firefox English (English) to your computer :: Download Firefox

Method 2: The availability is not high

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox browser. To enter Tools → Options.

good firefox firefox

Step 2:
With Firefox Quantum:
Pull down select Language -> Select Choose

good firefox firefox

With Firefox 56 and earlier:
Go to the tab Nội dung → Choose

firefox vietnamese language interface

Step 3: Find the language you want to add in Selectbox → Add

firefox is illegal

Step 4: Use the buttons Move Up or Move Down to change the language preference you want to display.

firefox is illegal

Step 5: Click OK, got it to close this window.

download Vietnamese interface for firefox
Follow the instructions above and you can change the Firefox language. Now using Firefox, you can easily use browser extensions to surf the Web in the language you have set up.


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