How to change Opera GX interface

How to change Opera GX interface

One of the outstanding features of the Opera GX browser when used on the computer is that it changes the theme, changes the Opera GX interface of the browser depending on the user’s preferences, manipulating the user to change the background image. Opera GX is not difficult, users go to the option and then navigate to the wallpaper to change.

Similar to Opera, users can completely change the background image, change Opera GX interface It is very easy to use the images available in the gallery of the browser, or users using other images, maybe personal photos as wallpaper for the browser.

Change the background image for Opera GX browser

– Download Opera GX for computers and laptops here.
– Refer to the way install Opera GX here.

Instruction to change Opera GX interface

1. Use available Opera GX wallpapers

Step 1: At Opera GX browser interface, click the icon Settings or press the keyboard shortcut Att + P.

How to change opera gx 2

Step 2: In the new interface, navigate to the section Wallpapers (wallpaper), you will see the entire wallpaper provided by the application to the browser.

Click on the arrow to the right or left to see the wallpaper you want to use. To change a new wallpaper -> click on the wallpaper you want to change -> you will see a V mark displayed, that is, you have successfully changed.

How to change opera gx 3

Step 3: To view the recently changed interface, simply click on the “+” sign to open a new tab:

How to change opera gx 4

This is the interface you have just changed successfully.

how to change the interface of opera gx 5

And add an interface you changed next:

How to change the interface of Opera GX 6

2. Use your personal photo as Opera wallpaper

With the use of a personal photo or any image on your computer to set as Opera GX wallpaper, you do one of the following two ways:

Method 1: Use the Add your wallpapers feature in the browser

Step 1: First, you also need access Settings same as in part 1 above -> then look to Wallpaper. Here, you click Add your wallpaper.

How to change the interface of Opera GX 7

Step 2: You find the folder containing images to set as wallpaper on the Opera GX web browser -> click Open to choose.

How to change opera gx 8

As a result, you will see the newly added wallpaper appears in the section Recent wallpapers as in the image below.

How to change opera gx 9

Step 3: To check the results, open a new tab to see the new wallpaper interface you’ve just set successfully.

How to change opera gx 10 interface

Method 2: Open photos in Opera GX and set as wallpaper

Step 1: You go to the folder containing the image to be set as wallpaper -> right-click on the image -> select Open with -> then, you select the browser to open as Opera GX to view images on this web browser.

How to change the interface of Opera GX 11

Step 2: At the image view in the browser, right-click in the middle of the image -> and then select Use image as wallpaper to change the wallpaper appearance for the browser.

How to change opera gx 12

Step 3: As a result, the image is set as the background for Opera GX, and when you open a new tab you’ll see the new interface immediately.

How to change the interface of Opera GX 13
Thus, users can choose images available on Opera GX or use their personal photos to change themes, change Opera GX interface. With high customization, users can freely change Opera GX interface according to their preferences. If using Chrome, you refer to how change Chrome wallpaper here. I wish you make a successful change!


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