How to change Telegram wallpaper when texting, chatting, chatting on the phone

Telegram is a popular messaging application with high security used by many people today. When using Telegram to chat, users can also change the Telegram wallpaper to make the conversation more interesting.

Telegram is a messaging application based on cloud computing technology that is used by many people today. In addition to the features of messaging, calling, sending pictures,… Telegram also supports users to change the background with many colors to make the conversation more vivid. Here is the tutorial how to change Telegram wallpaper The simplest and most effective.

Change Telegram wallpaper

Instructions on how to change the wallpaper on Telegram

1. Quick Guide

Open Telegram => Select 3 dashes icon => Select Settings => Select next Chat settings => Select item Change Chat Background => Select wallpaper then press Set Background done.

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Update or download Telegram to the latest version here

+ Link to download Telegram for Android
+ Link to download Telegram for iPhone

Step 2: Open the app Telegram on the phone => Select the icon 3 dashes next to the word Telegram.

change telegram wallpaper

Step 3: Here you choose Settings => Select the next item Chat Settings to set wallpaper for Telegram

change the telegram wallpaper

Step 4: In Chat settings choose Change Chat Background => Select the image you want to make Telegram wallpaper.

telegram transfer wallpaper

Step 5: Then choose Set Background to co-set the wallpaper.

chat wallpaper on telegram

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So with only 5 simple steps, readers can change change Telegram wallpaper make the conversation more colorful. If you have any questions or do not understand at any step, you can leave a comment below the article for to help answer.

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