How to change the country region on iPhone, Appstore

How to change the country region on iPhone, Appstore

You can easily change the country on iPhone, App Store with just a few simple steps to download games or apps that are only released in certain regions but not yet available in Vietnam and in this article, Taimienphi .vn will summarize for you the detailed implementation.

Why roam the App Store or change the country on iPhone? Some of the common reasons that can tell you is to download games and applications that are not available in Vietnam; want to play international versions of games like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile to participate in an exclusive event or because the Vietnamese version has many errors; Or because you buy an old iPhone or iPad with a foreign App Store, you want to roam to Vietnam.

How to roam App Store account

Roaming the App Store to another country is very simple. You can easily switch between countries on your iPhone and iPad via the App Store or through Settings.

How to change the country region on iPhone, Appstore

1. Change country region on iPhone via App Store to download games and apps

how to play countrywide appstore on iphone

As you probably know, many games and applications are not or have not been released in Vietnam. To experience such games and apps with restricted downloads, Vietnamese users and gamers only have to change the App Store region. You can change the App Store region to the US, change the country region to China, roam the country to Singapore or any other country with just a few taps. For detailed implementation, please refer to the article below:

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2. Change the country region on iPhone via Settings to download games and applications

how to play country on iphone

In addition to roaming your Apple account via the App Store to download games, apps, or experience international versions of many other games, you can also easily do it through the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. The implementation steps have been shared specifically in the following article:

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3. App Store roaming to Vietnam Việt

There are many cases where the App Store displays Chinese or Japanese characters by origin, which means that your iPhone/iPad may have been used in these countries before you bought it, or you have already roamed the country. Join on iPhone to download the game and want to change it back. Similar to the App Store roaming to another country, you can also roam the App Store from another country to Vietnam in just a few minutes.

So, if you are struggling to find a way to move the App Store region from the US, Korea to Vietnam or transfer your Apple ID from Canada to Vietnam, follow the instructions shared by in the article below. :

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Thus, there are 2 ways to change the region on iPhone, App Store is through Settings and via App Store. You can follow one of two ways to switch between countries and download games and applications as desired.


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