How to change the Facebook Group link

Changing the Facebook Group link makes it easier to manage the Group Group link, instead of a long link and hard-to-remember characters, now you can shorten it to memorable, short words Compact, better support in sharing, developing community groups.

To attract more interested users, administrators often share Facebook Group links with others or on other sites. However, because the link, the link when creating the Facebook group that you share is set to the default of Facebook so long and hard to remember so it is difficult to bring the desired effect.

How to change the Facebook Group link on the computer

With the desire to help you develop your community better, Taimienphi will share how to change the Facebook Group link in the shortest and most beautiful way!

Instructions for changing the Facebook Group link

Initially, without changing the Facebook Group link, the URL to Taimienphi’s group will be in the format as shown below.

how to link facebook group 2

To change, open your web browser, Log into the Facebook group I am managing and performing the following operations.

Step 1: Press the button … Other At the top of the page, choose a feature Edit group settings ;

how to link facebook group 3

Step 2: In the new window, scroll down and find the item Web address . Here you click the button Customize the address ;

how to link facebook group 4

Step 3: A custom dialog box appears, where you enter the group name, then press Customize the address To confirm.

Note: The group name will be used to make the Facebook Group link and is not allowed to overlap with others. Groups with more than 5000 members will no longer be able to change the Facebook Group link.

how to link facebook group 5

The process of changing the Facebook Group link is complete, now you will see the link of the Facebook Group has been changed as you wish.

how to link facebook group 6
With only 3 simple steps, Taimienphi has made it easy for you to change Change the Facebook Group link more concise and easier to remember. Hopefully, by changing the path of this Facebook Group, it will help you share conveniently, attract more people to join the group. Also, you refer to the way Create group chats on Facebook here. Good luck!


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