How to change the name of the game Rules of Survival

The following article we will guide you to rename players Rules or Survival in the game’s character name. Rules of Survival now you can edit easily thanks to the Vietnamese interface system. Rules of Survival is the hottest mobile survival game today.

Rules of Survival is a mobile survival game developed by NetEase Games, released on Android, iOS and PC Client platforms, Game Rules of Survival has Vietnamese interface for domestic gamers and the community. Very appreciated.

Regarding the graphics and gameplay in Rules of Survival, you will see many similarities with PUBG. However, the game goes its own way in adding new types of equipment, weapons, or outfits.

If you want to change the name of the character in the game, how to do it, follow the instructions below on changing the character name of the game Rules of Survival.

Step 1: You enter the main interface of the game after logging in. You choose the item Detail.

how to play game rules of survival 2

Step 2: In the Details section you choose Trophy.

how to play game rules of survival 3

Step 3: Here you will see the character name Rules of Survival. You click Pen tip icon to edit the name. Change the name you pay 300 diamonds.

how to play game rules of survival 4

Then press Repair to confirm the correction of that information.

how to play game rules of survival 5

So you have completed the character change in the game Rules of Survival. There are many other interesting things waiting for you to discover about Rules of Survival on Free Download. You can refer to top Good game name here for gamers.

When playing any game, to improve, we need to use that game shortcut in the best way, and Rules of Survival is not except, with our keyboard shortcuts, Game of Rules helps. manipulation faster, you can track cards Summary Rules of Survival game shortcut here.
Currently, before playing a certain game, we need to learn the minimum configuration as well as the configuration required to play the game smoothly and achieve higher results, with Configure play Rules of Survival Currently, you do not need to equip your device too much terrible hardware such as PUBG gaming for example.


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