How to change the new Wifi password 2020 networks FPT, Viettel, VNPT

How to change the new Wifi password 2020 networks FPT, Viettel, VNPT

Avoid being accessed by other people on your home Wi-Fi resulting in network lag, affecting the connection speed, changing the Wifi password is the best way to block users “pagoda”. So how to change the Wifi password types like Tenda, TP-Link, DLink, LinkSYS, … and carriers such as VNPT, FPT, Viettel, please follow the article below of

If you are sharing Wifi with many people but there are too many people you do not want to know your wifi pass or you simply want to change the WiFi pass to reduce unauthorized access to your Wifi network, changing the wifi pass is the most effective one. With difficult-to-guess wifi passwords, you will not have to worry about changing the wifi password for your modem, however, many of you have the habit of creating a wifi password that is simple, easy to remember and used by many users. WiFi sharing is possible.

How to change Wifi password, change wifi pass FPT, Tenda, TP-Link, Linksys, VNPT, on phones or laptops

I. Why need to change Wifi password
II. How should Wifi password be set?
III. Wifi passwords should be avoided.
IV. Notes before changing the Wifi password
V. Details how to change the Wifi password
first. With FPT network
1.1. On the PC
1.2. Through the Hi FPT app
2. With VNPT network
2.1. Gpon iGate Modem
2.2. Huawei Modem
2.3. Yes Telecom Modem
3. With Viettel network
3.1. Modem TP Link
3.2. Modem Alcatel Lucent Gpon Viettel
4. Modem LINKSYS
5. Tenda Modem
6. Modem DLINK
7. Totolink Modem
BECAUSE. How to change the Wifi password on the phone
VII. Forgot Wifi password need to do?
VIII. Common mistakes when changing Wifi password
IX. How to refuse cleverly when asked for Wifi password
X. Why not give Wifi password to others
XI. Should Wifi Modem run continuously?
XII. Placement modem to have high network speed
XIII. Number of switchboards supporting wifi internet

What is Wifi?

According to Wikipedia WIFI (or Wifi) stands for Wireless Fidelity or 802.11 networks are wireless networks that use radio waves, like cell phones, televisions, and radios.
Wifi is now available in many places such as private houses, companies, restaurants, bars, hotels, … wherever it is, even if you use WiFi detectors like Wifi Pagoda you can see on the map showing “scattered” different Wifi networks.

I. Why should I change the Wifi password

If you do not use wifi carefully, you can easily become a victim of a hacked password to use other people’s temples, making it difficult to access or unstable network speed. Therefore, changing the wifi password regularly will help you control the number of users, the connection speed or avoid network errors. Each Wifi network has its own password changing method that you need to keep in mind.

II. How should Wifi password be set?

There are some suggestions to help you set the wifi password for the safest way, Taimienphi’s suggestion helps you to create strong but easy to remember passwords.
– May contain special characters or capital letters
– Create passwords with the same words
– Use a favorite book
– Reverse the password

III. Wifi passwords should be avoided

Sometimes people who are afraid of forgetting wifi passwords often set very simple passwords, so temple users often detect it, which also makes network speed and local congestion more likely. You should avoid the WiFi password settings such as 88888888, 12345678, 66666666, 99999999 or your own phone number, wifi name ….

IV. Notes before changing the Wifi password

– Should use the web browser IE – Internet Explorer or Chrome.
– Should turn off Vietnamese typing software Unikey, Viettekey if turned on.
– Some login links are:;;
– First change the wifi password to make sure that you are using the internet of the wifi network to change
– If you connect to the modem, the device transmits wifi with “wifi” (not LAN cable), then after changing, you will not be able to access the network anymore – because at the beginning you used the old wifi – now you need to log in. access to the internet with the new wifi
– Link to log in Modem: Usually, but to be clearer, on the computer, you go Start => open item RUN => type CMD => Enter the command ipconfig => At item Default Gateway will be the path for you to log in to the wifi modem.
change wifi password

V. Details how to change the wifi password

1. With FPT network

1.1. Change passwords on computers
+ First you connect the modem to the computer via network cable or Wifi.
+ Access to the address, fill admin on both items username and password.
Note: The admin password is the default if the network installation technique has not changed, in case if the modem has been changed, please contact the technician to get back, usually the User section will be the phone number of the owner of the network registration account. , Password – the password will be made available to you by a technician. Contact the operator 19006600 for assistance.
+ After logging into the modem, go to the tab Wireless Setup => Wireless Security.
+ Type the password Security pasphrase (this is your wifi password) then click Apply.

guide password lock password

1.2. Change password with Hi FPT application
+ Download Hi FPT application here: Download Hi FPT for Android or Download Hi FPT for iPhone.
+ Start the application Hi FPT, log in to the application with your account (Phone number to register the network and password is the OTP code sent by FPT when registering the network)
+ After logging into the app, Select Manage at Modem card
+ Click Change Password at the bottom of the card and change your Wifi password as you wish.

wifi password pass

2. With VNPT network

2.1. For Gpon iGate
– First, you need to separately connect Gpon iGate wifi module to your PC before performing the change of Wifi password.
– Use web browser and access the address, fill in the information you are given to enter Username and Password => Login (Admin access to Wifi access). Usually the username and password can be admin or be attached behind the wifi modem.
Attention: If you cannot log in to Admin, please contact directly to VNPT switchboard at 1800109 for quick and earliest support.
– Login successful, go to Network Settings => Wireless => Security, Find WPA / WPAI passphrase Enter your new password and click Apply / Save. Try logging in with the new Wifi password you changed.

how to update the latest wifi

2.2. For Huawei
– Similar to the above method, you connect your private internet with wifi modem and access the address on Google or IE browser to change wifi password, type User: root and Password: admin => Login (In case you cannot login or reset the modem or contact the switchboard 1800109 Please)
– After logging in, move to the tab WLan and change the Wifi password in the section WPA PreSharedKey, click Apply to complete.

Huawei WiFi password

2.3. For Yes Telecom
– As usual, you need to connect your computer to the modem device to change the Wifi password. Launch the browser and access the default IP address of the Yes Telecom.
– Enter information Username and Password Device defaults are as follows:
+ Username: admin
+ Password: megavnn
– Make an option to move into the Wifi password change section, at the card Advance Setting Wireless => Wireless Security Setup => Enter a new password or new WiFi password in the box next to Pre-Shared Key (volume Show Password show password) and press OK, got it Complete the action to change Wifi password.

Wifi Password 2019 moi nat

3. Viettel

guide to tplink password

3.2. For Wifi Alcatel Lucent Viettel
– Step 1: To change the Wifi password, you need to start the web browser on the computer, access the default IP address and to use the highest permissions account, type admin to enter Username / password Proceed to login.
– Step 2: In the system of wifi modem installation, you proceed to select the following sequence Network => WIFI => WPA Key and enter the new wifi password here, click Save The system automatically restarts.
– Step 3: After 5 minutes you log in with a new Wifi password and see the results.

do pass wifi gpon


How to change the password for Wifi for Linksys modems is not different from other types, you need to follow the steps below.
+ Step 1: First you need to access the IP address on a computer web browser.
+ Step 2: Fill in the account and the default password of the wifi modem device is Admin (for both).
+ Step 3: Choose Wireliess => Wireless Security => Enter the new Wifi password in the box next to it WPA Shared Key => Click to select Save Settings.
+ Step 4: Your Wifi modem device automatically reset, use the new Wifi password to log in and see the results.

linksys wifi password

5. Tenda

– Access the default address In the web browser, select the tab Wireless.
– In the Wifi configuration section, to change the Wifi password you click Wireless Security and set up as follows:
+ Security Mode: Select Mixed WPA / WPA2 PSK.
+ WPA Algorithms: Select TKIP & AES and enter the password in the box Security Key under.
+ Click OK, got it for the process of changing Wifi password is complete.

renew wifi tenda latest

DLink or D-Link is a long-established network equipment company, present in the world, including Vietnam, the homepage of D-Link Vietnam is D-Link has devices such as Modem, Switch, Wifi broadcast, Wireless Dual-Band, … You can choose genuine products at big supermarkets in Vietnam such as Phuc Anh, Dienmayxanh, An Phat PC, …
To change your DLink password, do the following:
– Access on the browser, fill out Username / password corresponding admin / admin and click Login.
Setup => Wireless => Wireless Security, move to item Pre-Shared Key and enter the new password, press Apply.

dlink wifi password dlink

– You also login the address and enter Username / password: admin / admin
Wireless => Security Settings => Pre-Shared Key and enter the new password here => Apply Changes save changes.

totolink wifi password 2019

BECAUSE. How to change the wifi password on the phone

Currently there are many methods to change Wifi passwords, you can change them on your computer or phone. Each of them has different methods and tricks to change. If you are in need of changing wifi password on your phone, please refer to the article How to change the wifi password by phone here.

VII. Forgot wifi password need to do?

For those who forgot the Wifi password, can not remember the password that they have set or want to retrieve them. There are many methods to recover the password, use the phone that saved the wifi password, check the password on the computer that has ever accessed that Wifi …. If you do not know how, how to do it? , please refer to the way retrieve WiFi password when forgotten Taimienphi here.

VIII. Common mistakes when changing wifi pass

This error is quite common, but where the real cause comes from, few people think about it, this case is not uncommon and many people have sent to Taimienphi the same questions. For convenience, please refer to the article Summary of errors when changing Wifi password, including errors such as: Unable to access the network after changing the Wifi password, unable to access, error message when changing the password, …

IX. How to refuse when asked for wifi password

There are many ways to refuse when asked for confidentiality that you can apply in practice, as simple as:
– To ask network installation technique: Before you install the network installation technique, so I just used it, let me ask again.
– Do not know what: I do not know what the password is like, the technical installation of the network you installed so I do not remember.
– Network is at fault, currently no network: I do not have access to the network, how can I not access the network, currently using 3G.

X. Why not provide another person’s wifi password

As mentioned above, when you share a Wi-Fi network with others, you are sharing the bandwidth, with every connected phone or laptop, their speed will be reduced. Not only that, users can download illegal data or malware that spreads to other devices via Wi-Fi. Taimienphi recommends that you avoid sharing with outsiders and strangers.

XI. Should Wifi Modem run continuously?

Most users often wonder whether letting the Wifi Modem run continuously is dangerous, does it affect others, or do they cause occasional network speed? Please tell the reader that this is okay, Wifi’s signal does not affect the brain even when you put them in the bedroom, this one is often fictitious. If it affects health, you have been recommended by the network from the beginning or banned.

XII. Position wifi modem to get high speed

In order to have a stable, high-speed Wi-Fi signal, you need to put the device in some location and avoid the following places:
– Put the Wifi transmitter in the center of the house.
– Put Wifi in a high position, always direct the antenna (the beard of the wifi device) on.
– Stay away from the kitchen or landline.
– Avoid walls or obstacles, metal with large cross section will make you unable to catch Wifi.

XIII. Network support number

Below is the hotline phone number for carriers currently in Vietnam, if you have any trouble when changing the Wifi password, please contact the phone number below. In case you do not, you can directly ask questions immediately in the comment section below, Taimienphi will answer all your questions as quickly and as soon as possible.
– With FPT network: 19006600
– With Viettel network: 18008119.
– With VNPT network: 18001091

Currently there are many different types of modems on the market, to choose for yourself the best product, please refer to the article Distinguish Router devices, Modem, Access Point, Modem Router that introduced to have the most accurate look and choice.

Changing the wifi password regularly will make you habit with many other accounts you have on the internet such as bank accounts, game accounts … Currently the game League of Legends (LOL) is very HOT, If you want to play LOL, you need to create a Garena account to log in to this game system, if you have an account, you also need to regularly change the Garena password to avoid the gaze of other gamers, how to change the Garena password very Simple, just log in to the account management Garena select password change function is finished.

When you own one modem of VNPT, FTP, Viettel network operators Tenda, TP-Link, LinkSYS or Zyxel modems, most of the new generation modems today have additional functions. Wireless, which allows you to play wifi for network access for phone and computer devices, but if you do not know how to configure it, you will not be able to use the wifi function available on this modem, in some school otherwise, if you don’t know how to set wifi pass as well as how to change the wifi password, your wifi will be wifi pagoda Because anyone can use it.

The modem itself has a web interface available for you to configure Can use the phone to access and the configuration does not necessarily require a computer or laptop to be configured. If you use a phone, you also use the browser available on the phone as a computer and The phone needs to be connected to wifi network Want to change the password. See details how to change wifi password by phone

With the use of a wifi network, you can completely access the network at any location within its coverage area. And if you do not change the wifi password, set the wifi pass, other people can also access your wifi network, thereby making the network speed slow down, the usage capacity also increases and may increase. network money. Here I will guide you how to set the wifi pass.

See List of IP addresses and usernames / passwords Modem default access if you do not know can refer to. Password Login modem account, common password in Vietnam.

Tips: One thing to note is that you should not let the wifi modem run continuously for too long, if not used, you can turn off the power to both help save power and help the modem work well, more durable. Periodically change the wifi mk monthly to avoid using the temple even though you have previously set a wifi password because there may be software due to the wifi pass, one way to avoid being detected by a wifi password is to set a password from 8 characters long. and up, there are special characters like * # $!% … combined with uppercase letters, if you are technically savvy, you can turn on MAC blocking mode on wifi modem (most modems like Tenda, TP-Link, LinkSYS, Zyxel all have this function) and should not let SSID broadcast mode, to avoid revealing your home wifi network name.Also, if you are using wifi modem Gpon of FTP network, you also can easily change the GPON wifi password like with other network modems ..

One way to help anyone who is lazy to change wifi password is to let us hide the wifi or hide the name of our home wifi network. No longer appear in search data of others. How to hide wifi This is done quite simply. However, the Change your wifi password regularly is still the safest way, find your own unique, most secure wifi password.

Previously, changing the Wifi password (wifi password) was very difficult for many people due to too many types such as Tenda, TP-Link, DLink, LINKSYS, … and carriers such as VNPT, FPT, Viettel. Now with the instructions of, changing Wifi password in my opinion has become too simple. Let’s get started to do it.
If in the process of changing the wifi password, there is an error or problem, do not hesitate to contact technical support of for the fastest processing. Good luck!


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