How to change the password to access Teamviewer

Changing the password length of the TeamViewer login account password will help you more secure during the connection process, but you need to follow the steps below to complete the setup.

Currently the latest version of TeamViewer is the default password is 6 characters, but if you still want to change the password character length to 8 or 10 characters of the Teamviewer software, please refer to the content below. .

How to change the password length of TeamViewer software

Download and install the latest version of TeamViewer

Step 1: First you enter Extras> Options.

Step 2: At the card Security You notice the part Password strength. Now choose 4 characters, 6 characters, 8 characters, or 10 characters depending on your needs.

change the password on teamviewer

Step 3: Go back to the main window and enter a new password with the option Create new random password.

  Team locker password is blocked
So has just introduced you how to change the password character length of Teamviewer software. You can choose a password of 6, 8 characters if you want security, or 4 characters if you want to be quick. After 5 wrong attempts, Teamviewer will lock, and you will not be able to connect. In addition we also guide Change Teamviewer password, if you are interested, please drop by for reference.


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