How to change the password to access Ultraviewer

Changing your Ultraviewer access password is a simple way to keep your computer secure, preventing others from continuing to control it after you’ve disconnected. If you are a regular working with Ultraviewer but still do not know how to change your password, Taimienphi will show you 2 ways to change the password for Ultraviewer simply and effectively.

Ultraviewer is a remote control software, it allows users to access another computer and perform control operations. Using Ultraviewer is a convenient solution when you want to work or have someone remotely support on your computer. However, after the job is completed, if you do not change the new password, others can still use the old ID and password to continue to access, invading privacy. So how to change password to Ultraviewer access?

Instructions on how to change the password to access Ultraviewer

To perform a password change for Ultraviewer, you need to install this software on your computer. If not, you can download the latest version of Ultraviewer in the link below.

Download the Ultraviewer software here: Download UltraViewer

In the article, Taimienphi will guide how to change Ultraviewer password on the interface in English and with notes in Vietnamese. For ease of operation, you can change the interface to the language pack that you feel is easiest to use.

2 ways to change the password to access Ultraviewer

Immediately after starting the program, Ultraviewer will automatically generate a random password for users. You send this ID and password to other users to provide temporary control of their computer. After the job is completed and disconnected, you can change this random password in two ways.

Method 1: At the working interface of the Ultraviewer program, in the column Allows controls, left click Icon 2 arrows in the box password. A new menu appears, you choose Create a new password. Immediately the system will disable the old password and generate a new random password for you.

how to access the ultraviewer password 2

Method 2:Similar to the above, you click the icon in the box password. In the menu of your choice Password length. Ultraviewer offers users 4 options.

– 4 digits – The default password is 4 digits;

– 6 alphanumeric characters – Randomly generate a password of 6 characters long, with both letters and numbers;

– 8 alphanumeric characters – Random passwords are 8 characters long, including letters and numbers;

– Turn off random passwords – Disable random password generation mode of Ultraviewer.

When you choose one of the first three options, the system will also change the length of the password, and generate a new random password.

how to access the ultraviewer password 3

Tip: If you are afraid of complicated operations, you can turn off Ultraviewer and turn it back on. At this time, the program will automatically generate a new random password.
In this article, Taimienphi has shown you 2 simple ways to change the Ultraviewer access password easily with just a few taps. To learn more about how to use and effectively exploit the remote control software Ultraviewer as well as the TeamViewer software at work, please continue to follow more articles at Taimienphi. Good luck!


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