How to change the properties of files and files

Changing the properties of a file, Hidden file or Read-only file can be done in many ways. The following article will guide you the 2 easiest ways to perform, you refer to offline.

The data is stored on your computer, you do not want to let anyone know or not to edit, you often find ways to hide and hide that folder. Many of you have done it by hide folders with Free Hide Folder. However that is how the software is used. will guide you to set up on Windows without using the support software to hide folders, hide files to hide on windows .. The following article will show you 2 ways to do it Need software support, please refer to it.

Ways to change the properties of files and files

Method 1: Use through the interface, with this easy and simple way:

Step 1: Access the file, the file needs to change its properties then right-click and select Properties
file conversion
Step 2: Here you can set the properties for that file by checking the items like Read-only or Hidden and click Ok.
How to change the file's identity

Method 2: You can set up with the command line:
Step 1: From the Start menu enter “cmd” from the Run box and right click on cmd and select Run as administrator

Step 2: Here you use the command syntax:
attrib +[r/h] [đường dẫn chứ file] then press Enter
* r: Read-only
* h: Hidden

And note in this way you must enter the correct path to the file to set properties.

For example, you need to set the read-only attribute and hide (Hidden) for the unikey file stored in the path D: tai-mien-phi unikey we enter the following command:
attrib + r D: download-free unikey.exe
attrib + h D: download-free unikey.exe

And to remove those attributes, you just need to change the sign “+” by sign “-“

Then remember to check the results.

So with the above 2 ways you can set properties for files, read-only files (Read-only) or hide (Hidden) quickly and accurately.


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