How to change Vietnamese language on BlueStacks X, online android emulator

Normally, the default language of BlueStacks X is English and sometimes you will have difficulties in using this platform, for a better user experience, Taimienphi will guide you to change the Vietnamese language on BlueStacks X with simple operations, the most detailed illustrations.

As you all know, BlueStacks Inc has just launched the world’s first cloud-based android emulator for online gaming with the name BlueStacks X, you do not need to download and install the app and can still play the game as usual.

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BlueStacks X – Supports users with more than 15 different languages

Instructions to change Vietnamese language on BlueStacks X

Sometimes users open the BlueStacks X android emulator, the platform interface is not Vietnamese as before, but instead English, French, Chinese, Korean … then you can switch BlueStacks language X to Vietnamese with just a few steps below.
– Here Taimienphi implemented on BlueStacks X PC
– Steps change language Vietnamese on BlueStacks X PC like Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi.

Step 1: At the start interface of BlueStacks X, you go to Settings with a gear icon in the bottom left corner.

how to change vietnamese language on bluestacks x

Step 2: In the Settings section, select the . tab Preferences located in the middle.

delicious Vietnamese language guide on bluestacks x

Step 3: Currently BlueStacks X supports users with 15 kinds of other languages each other so that they can experience the platform better. Here you choose Vietnamese, can change to another language if you want.

how to play english to vietnamese on bluestacks x

– Immediately, the BlueStacks X gaming platform interface will switch to Vietnamese language, the language you selected earlier. Now you can play games without installation on BlueStacks X.

how to play well on bluestacks x

The fastest way to win on bluestacks x is

how to play bluestacks x into vietnamese
So the process of changing the Vietnamese language on the BlueStacks X platform has been completed, with the interface now you can discover the features and functions of BlueStacks X yourself, use the game conveniently and quickly. than.

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