How to change wifi password TL-WA801ND

How to change wifi password TL-WA801ND

TL-TL-WA801ND product is quite popular with Vietnamese users. With cheap price, and there are 2 antennas for remote wifi broadcast, TL-TL-WA801ND is the top choice, changing the wifi password TL-TL-WA801ND is also extremely easy when this modem uses TP Link interface. old.

In previous posts, mentioned about how to change the TP Link wifi password. This method is easy to do but only applies to certain modems. With TL-TL-WA801ND, users cannot apply it as changing TP Link wifi password. Although the same is a low-end product of TP Link, but want to change the wifi password TL-TL-WA801ND you must do with the following method.

How to change the wifi password TL-WA801ND, change the TP Link TL-WA801ND wifi password

How to change wifi password TL-TL-WA801ND:

Step 1: To change the TL-TL-WA801ND wifi password, enter the address: In the URL bar of any browser to access WiFi TL-WA801ND.

The login dialog box appears, you access Account and password of wifi TL-WA801ND.

The default account and password are:

User: Admin
Password: Admin

Then press Login To log in, proceed to change wifi password TL-WA801ND.

In TL-WA801ND WiFi interface click Wireless. This is a modification of WiFi settings. Continue on Wireless Security to go to WiFi Privacy Edit section.

how to change wifi rate tl wa801nd 2

Step 2:Like other TP Link modems, you’ll see the line Radius Password. Please delete the old password and enter password new here. Finally, press Save at the bottom to save the editing operation.

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Step 3: Next, you must proceed to Reboot Modem by going to System Tools. Choose to Reboot to restart TL-WA801ND modem. Click on it Reboot and wait for Modem Restarting to wait a few minutes.

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Wait for the modem to restart.

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After successfully changing the wifi pass TL-WA801ND, you can use the new wifi immediately. Access the wifi network and enter the password you just changed the wifi pass on your laptop, Smartphone device.

Similarly, users can combine Viettel network with modem TL-WA801ND. However, the way to change the Viettel wifi password that we have just introduced cannot be used with TL-WA801ND. Instead of following the way to change Viettel wifi password with other TP Link modem types, you should perform changing the TL-WA801ND wifi password to root this issue. Frequently changing the wifi password TL-WA801ND helps you protect the transmission line and avoid data loss.
If you are using the Tenda model, refer to how change the wifi password Tenda here.


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