How to change wifi password TL-WR841HP

How to change wifi password TL-WR841HP

The new interface of TL-WR841HP modem makes it difficult for many users to change the password, if you are using the TL-WR841HP advanced router, please refer to our guide to changing the TL-WR841HP wifi password immediately. .

WIFI password is confidential information, should only share passwords with people you know and use Because too many visits will make the network speed decrease. Even some users who have discovered the password also use WiFi to download or tasks that cause the transmission to lag. If you feel your internet speed is down, there’s a good problem change the wifi password TL-WR841HP your. With the TL-WR841HP modem line to broadcast wifi far away, the more users need to take measures to protect their connection, change the TL-WR841HP wifi password immediately with the passwords only you know.

How to change wifi password TL-WR841HP, change TP Link TL-WR84HP wifi pass

Step 1: Access TL-WR841HP configuration by entering the address: in the URL bar of your web browser.

Next you must enter your account and password are:

User: admin
Password: admin

Then press Login To log in to the TL-WR841HP modem configuration.

how to change wifi password wr841hp 2

Step 2: In TL-WR841HP interface, at section Basic Click here Wireless to enter wifi settings.

how to change wifi password wr wr4141hp 3

Step 3: In Wireless Settings, the user will see the section Password. Here is your old TL-WR841HP wifi password. Please delete that password and enter password new wifi.

Finally, press Save to save the operation.

how to change wifi password wr wr4141hp 4

Step 4: The TL-WR841HP modem needs to be restarted to activate the password you just changed. Switch to the card Advanced.

how to change wifi password wr841hp 5

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the selection System Tools> Reboot.

how to change wifi password wr841hp 6

Then press Reboot Now restart the TL-WR841HP modem.

how to change wifi password wr841hp 7

In about 2 minutes, TL-WR841HP modem will restart. Wait for the modem to flash the lights and then reconnect your WiFi, need to enter a new password to access wifi.

With the lower TP Link modem versions, users also need other actions to change the TP Link wifi password. Actually manipulating the old TP Link wifi password is similar, except for the modem configuration interface. Follow the instruction to change TP Link wifi password now to renew your wifi. Changing wifi passwords is hard so WiFi detector software can’t scan your password.
Tenda is also one of the most used modems today, if you own this modem but do not know how to change its password, please refer to the tutorial article. change the wifi password Tenda here.


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