How to change Zalo language on Android and iOS phones, switch from English to san

Zalo currently supports 3 main languages ​​including Vietnamese, English and Myanmar. So in addition to Vietnamese, users can change the Zalo language from English to Vietnamese and vice versa, and you can also change the font for your Zalo application.

Zalo application is targeting global users, so in addition to the Vietnamese language, you can use English to suit your habits, how to change language Zalo It’s also very simple, with just a few clicks you can change the language and font to your liking.

Switch Zalo from English to Vietnamese and vice versa

How to change the Zalo language, change the font on the Zalo application

Step 1: You need to update Zalo to the latest version.

=> Zalo download link for Android

Then open the app, click the . icon More in the lower right corner of the screen. Next click on the gear icon in the top right corner.

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Step 2: The installation interface appears, at item Languages ​​and fonts, choose Change language.

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Step 3: On the language interface will display 3 languages ​​for you to choose from: Vietnamese, English and Myanmar. Want to change Zalo language to any country, just tick that language. Soon, the entire Zalo interface will switch to the new language.

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Step 4: To change the font on Zalo. At interface Languages ​​and fonts you choose Change the font:

how to play deliciously on zalo

Step 5: The font interface will give you 2 options, including:

Zalo font: fonts are built into the application.
System font: font built into the device.

Want to change any font, you just need to select the font and then the entire Zalo font will be changed. In addition, you can also resize the text by dragging the slider to the size you want.

how to play delicious zalo for android, ios
Above is a guide on how to change the Zalo language and change the font for Zalo. In addition, there are many good tips to help you use Zalo more conveniently. For example, change the language to a dark interface to protect your eyes when used at night and save battery for mobile devices.

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