How to change Zoom avatar, change Zoom avatar on computers and phones

Not only can you change the information, but you can also change your Zoom avatar on your computer or phone easily and quickly, this article on how to change your Zoom avatar allows you to update information effectively and create new things. cool, increase the lively part when working with Zoom, attracting everyone’s attention.

Whether displayed in the game meeting, learning online But surely, in addition to participating in online video calls, many people want to refresh their personal page on it by updating their profile picture, new avatar, like using the social network Facebook, to change avatar on Zoom When you sign up for a course on a computer or computer, you do the following.

How to change avatar on Zoom

Note: To change your avatar on Zoom easily, you need to prepare the image you want to change. Besides, you need to save it in an easy-to-find file.

1. How to change your avatar on Zoom in your computer

Step 1: On the computer, you Open Zoom software. Friend look at the top right corner, Click on the profile picture yours as shown below.

Talk to me on Zoom while studying on my phone

Next, the option appears, click “My Profile” (my profile).

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Step 2: The Zoom interface on the web browser will appear. You enter email address, password in each box then click “Sign in” to log into your account.

How to use Zoom on Samsung phones

Step 3: Go to the Zoom login page, you scroll down then click in profile picture yours as shown below.

How to edit images on Zoom computer

Step 4: You click “Charge” to change the avatar image on Zoom.

Talk to me on Zoom while studying on the computer

Step 5: You choose the right photo, you can move green frame to resize photo representatives. Then you click “Save“.

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Then, the interface will update like the image below:

How to get in Zoom on your phone

2. How to change the Zoom avatar on Android and iPhone phones

Step 1: You open the Zoom application, click on “Log in” (Picture 1) already proceed to login. After logging in, you see bottom rightyou click “Setting” (Figure 2).

See me on Zoom

Step 2: You click in the name (Figure 3). Next, you click on representative image (Figure 4).

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Step 3: Options appear, click “Choose a photo” (Figure 5) (If you want to take the current picture, click on Take a picture). Then you click “Allow“when Zoom asks”Do you allow Zoom to access photos…” (Figure 6) then you Choose the picture you want to make your profile picture on Zoom.

how to use zoom avatar on mobile phone

Step 4: Another option appears again, you can click “Image” (Figure 7) to edit the image. Then you can Edit photos as you like with tools. When finished, click “Save” (Figure 8).

how to play avatar zoom on computer

Step 5: You click on “Save” (Figure 9). The image will update later (Figure 10).

how to make avatar zoom on phone

Depending on your needs, you can change your Zoom avatar on your computer, Android or iOS phone. With just a few steps, you will have a new avatar image for your Zoom right away.

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