How to charge laptop battery properly

How to charge laptop battery properly

Proper laptop battery charging is always concerned by many users to increase the life of their devices. However, how to properly charge laptop battery is not known to everyone. Invite readers to refer to the article below with how to charge the laptop battery properly that we have collected.

With the needs of the job that many people currently use laptops, but not everyone knows how to use the laptop to be durable and achieve the highest efficiency. Especially the battery, components which are considered quite important when users are always looking to protect laptop batteries, helping to reduce the bottle and increase the life of the device. Therefore, through the following article, Taimienphi will share with you some tips for laptop battery charger the most correct way.

How to charge laptop battery properly

1. Charge the laptop battery at the time of purchase

Usually for first-time users who buy or use a laptop for the first time, you will receive advice from the seller with how to charge and discharge the battery to keep the laptop battery lasting. The time of discharging the battery is about every 1.5 – 3 months, each time needs about 4 hours of full charge, during charging you should not use to avoid battery bottle. Detailed instructions readers can refer to further instructions discharge the newly purchased laptop battery Correct way we shared before.

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2. Plug in the charger whenever you want.

In the process of using a laptop, if the device says 10%, 20%, 30% battery, … or even more, you can still plug in the laptop battery if you feel like it. It is not necessary and should not wait until the battery runs out to use the charger because most new laptops today are equipped with new technology with automatic mode to stop charging anymore when the battery is full. Even continuous charging will help your computer get the highest performance by avoiding the battery saving mechanism of the operating system.

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3. Use a standard laptop charger

Each laptop is designed with a separate charger that is suitable for the machine, so in the process of using the laptop, you should not overlook this, but use a charger in a shared, cross-style manner. Doing this will cause your laptop to be seriously damaged or even explode if the charger you plugged in has a power outlet that doesn’t suit your laptop. Ideally, you should go to the company’s center to buy the right charger for your model.

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4. Adjust the battery.

Users can adjust the battery about every two months by using until the machine is 5-7%, then restart the machine, enter the Bios mode and leave the battery dry until the machine is completely off and fully charged . Depending on the model, you will have different ways to access the BIOS. See more ways into the BIOS We have shared computers and laptops before.

5. Keep the battery cool.

During use, many users have a habit of bringing laptops to bed, cushions, but this makes it harder for the computer to heat up and makes it hot, including batteries. Maintaining this habit over time will make it faster to drain the battery and damage the battery is unavoidable. Therefore, if possible, readers should use an extra heat sink to help the laptop get more open space, helping to reduce the phenomenon of abnormal temperatures.

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6. Limit the battery to run out often.

Many users in the process of using often do not pay attention to the battery capacity and let the battery drop before plugging in. However, this habit will seriously affect your battery life. Therefore, you should monitor the battery life of your device best, just see the battery is about 10% -20%, you should plug in the charger.

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Above are all ways to properly charge the laptop battery that readers can refer to when using a laptop. In addition, you should also note that the battery is the most flammable object on a laptop, so you should limit the device to overheat, do not charge the device overnight to better preserve the laptop and avoid unfortunate dangers.
In case users use old devices, battery bottle condition is unavoidable. However, to know exactly the battery status of the device you are using, please read the article. check the laptop battery bottle Before that we shared to come up with a plan for the battery as well as our device.


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