How to check Android smartphone battery, check battery life

Checking Android smartphone battery will help you know how long the battery life is, especially when used for a long time. Through the process of charging the battery as well as using it, the battery will be less effective in keeping power, from which the time you charge the phone battery may be longer and cause some phenomena similar to a fully charged phone that still runs out of battery quickly. To know how your phone’s battery is, you can use a few ways to check according to the article below.

Instructions on how to check the phone battery

1. Check the battery from the Settings menu

Even on Android devices we can also check the life of the battery, how much is the battery usage. In Setting you visit Battery item or Use battery depending on the phone.

You will now see the battery status of the last 24 hours and can adjust the graph to see specifically for what time period.

Below is a list of applications that use the most battery on the device to operate. From here you can also turn off or force stop an application if you want, by clicking on the application.

Apps that use a lot of battery

2. Check battery life by code

With some Android devices there is a hidden menu containing information about the battery status for you to check. We enter code *#*#4636#*#* on the phone. Then will display a screen with options for SIM information, battery information.

In case the menu does not show the option to check battery information, your phone does not have this hidden menu.

enter the check code

3. How to check battery status with Samsung phones

Samsung is one of the rare Android manufacturers that integrates the battery health check feature on the shipped Galaxy smartphones. However, this feature will require an app, which is Samsung Members. If you do not have this application on your device, you can download it easily from the Google Play Store.

First, access the Settings menu by tapping the gear icon on the home screen. Or you can swipe down from the top edge of the screen to reveal the quick settings panes, then tap the gear icon to open the menu. Settings.

Open Settings

In the Settings menu that opens, scroll down and click on the “Battery and Device Care” (Battery and Device Care).

Click on “Battery and Device Care”

In section “Additional Care” (Additional Care), select “Diagnostics” (Diagnose).

Click on “Diagnostics”

This will open the Samsung Members app with a series of icons corresponding to the categories you can check out. Click on the icon “Battery Status” (Battery Status) to continue — you won’t see a green check mark if you haven’t done this.

Click on the “Battery Status” icon

You should now see some information about the battery status displayed. In there, “Life” (Longevity) is the most interesting indicator. It is related to the current state of the battery on the device. The displayed statuses will be “Good” (Good), “thường” (Normal), or “Weak” (Weak).

Battery status

4. Use a battery tester

1. Accu​Battery


Accu​Battery is not just an application that helps you check the battery life of your Android phone quite accurately, but it also helps to manage the battery for more efficient use. The outstanding features of the application include measuring the actual battery capacity (mAh), see how much the phone battery is after each charge, see the charging speed when the screen is off or on, indicate the time when the battery is charged. fully charged, when your device runs out of battery, use the charging alarm to extend battery life,…

How to check Android phone battery with AccuBattery is quite simple, you just need to connect the charger and fully charge the phone battery to know how much your phone battery is. The content only knows the steps, you can review it in the previous articles that the Network Administrator has shared.

2. Phone Check

Phone Check

Phone Check is the second Android battery test application on this list. Using Phone Check you will get full information about your Android device as well as its operating status and operation. Of course, the important feature is indispensable to display information about your Android phone’s battery status, whether it’s good or bad for you to have a stable and appropriate use plan. The advantage of this application is that it is lightweight, easy to use, and gives accurate and fast battery test results.


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