How to check Chinese typing speed

How to check Chinese typing speed

In addition to easily finding online applications for checking Vietnamese or English typing speed, the way to test Chinese typing speed introduced by in the following article will be an appropriate choice. for you to use if you are a Chinese language lover.

To check Chinese typing speed of how much you can use the software offline or online. With offline software, you will take time to install, setup the program before you launch to practice typing, checking the typing speed. The best way is that you use an online application that helps you quickly practice typing and test your Chinese typing speed.

Use online software to check Chinese typing speed

Instructions for checking Chinese typing speed

If you want to type or type Chinese, you need to install Chinese percussion on your computer to use. You can go to Google to search for addresses that provide Chinese percussion and download, install, use. Or you can download Chinese keyboard, font below.

– Download Chinese font here.
– See how font settings go to the computer here.

You can check Chinese typing speed by following these steps:

Step 1: Access the online application by clicking the mouse COME IN
Step 2: The interface when you access successfully will be as shown below:

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Step 3: Review the notes we numbered in the image below -> then follow the explanations below to perform a Chinese typing speed test on your computer.

how to check your hair due to reputation 3

No. 1 – Click here to select Chinese mode to start.
No. 2 – This is the part that allows you to select items to type. The first one will be the easiest one, the latter will increase the difficulty. If you are just beginning to practice Chinese typing, you should choose the first lesson as in the image described above.
Number 3 – This is the part that allows you to enter minutes to type. You should consider choosing a suitable time to test your Chinese typing speed.
4 – This part you use to start typing.

Step 4: After you press select Start typing -> Chinese typing interface will appear as shown below. Here, you perform typing Chinese characters according to the instructions of the software. The counting time (countdown) will apply when you start typing on the software.

On the right side of the interface, you will see the countdown time as well as information on:

– Your typing speed.
– Correct ratio.
– The number of errors you typed.
– The total number of words you have typed.

how to check your hair by famous medium 4

If you want to pause or toggle the screen mode to dark or light or exit then follow the instructions in the image below:

how to check your hair by famous medium 5

No. 1 – Use if you want to continue or pause.
No. 2 – Switch interface mode to dark or bright
Number 3 – Click here and you will exit the Chinese typing test.

After the time is up, the application will display a notice about your completion.

how to check your hair due to reputation 6

As well as the results of your Chinese typing test.

how to check the haircut by famous medium 7

The picture above is an error code result 02 when you type Chinese. The general idea is that the system does not write your typing data due to: your typing speed is poor or does not meet the system requirements; Your typing time has not yet passed system verification.

how to check the hair by reputation 8

And this image when you try to switch to practicing typing in English, the results in the image above will you know the total number of words typed, the average speed when typing is how many words / minute as well as the speed you type the fastest How many words per minute.
Above is the tutorial check Chinese typing speed by online application – this is considered one of the good applications to help users practice typing Chinese online for free. With this online typing speed test application, users will actively practice their typing in Chinese language, which can be repeated over and over again with many flexible time options. . Wish you practice and learn to type Chinese with good results.


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