How to check computer temperature, CPU laptop, hard drive, RAM, VGA using HWMonitor

How to check the temperature of a computer, laptop: CPU, hard drive, RAM, VGA with HWMonitor helps you know the exact information about the hardware in the computer so that you can find the cause of the computer running slowly. When the computer goes down, automatically reset or run slowly … use CPUID HWMonitor to give the best solution and solution.

The most common problem with the temperature of the computer is probably the CPU, when the temperature is too high, the computer will automatically shut down or reset to protect the chip from burning or damage. But if not fixed immediately, the computer after booting up will repeat the above situation. Therefore, to ensure a stable computer operation, you will need to regularly check and monitor the temperature of your computer and laptop.

Check the temperature of computers, laptops

There will be quite a lot of different software to be able to check the status of the computer, help you view and monitor the temperature and operation of the device. In this article, Taimienphi will guide you how to check the temperature of computers and laptops through the HWMonitor software.

Guide to check the temperature of a computer, laptop CPU, hard drive, RAM, VGA

first. First, you need to download and install the HWMonitor software to your computer.

Download the software here: Download HWMonitor

HWMonitor is a useful application for users to read and provide indicators related to computer hardware. The program is capable of handling a variety of common sensor chips, reading the temperature of the hard drive through S.M.A.R.T technology and GPU video card.

2. After installation is complete, open the software to see the parameters of the computer as shown below. To check the CPU temperature, find the section Temperatures.

check laptop temperature

Check laptop temperature

For CPU, the most reasonable temperature will be about ~ 50 degrees Celsius and the acceptable temperature is below 70 degrees C. For computers with temperatures above 70 degrees, you need to clean the computer and apply glue dissipating heat to not only help the computer work faster and more stable, but also extend the life of the device.

3. To see the temperature of your hard drive, scroll down and find the section in the following image. Depending on the device, each machine is equipped with a different hard drive, here my hard drive is from Toshiba.

check cpu temperature

Check the hard drive temperature

The temperature of the hard drive in an acceptable state is below 50 degrees Celsius, but if it is above 60 degrees, you need to check the hard drive. To check the VGA temperature, you can also easily see the information about the video card right below, with the ideal temperature will be 70-80 degrees.

So with the instructions that Taimienphi introduced above, you can read the parameters of the current temperature of your CPU, hard drive, VGA already. However, depending on the computer and different usage needs, these parameters may be different, if the temperature is too high, you should also review and turn off unnecessary software if not used. Use or clean your computer.
In addition to checking the computer temperature, your laptop can use other software is also quite good that is Speccy. When using Speccy, you will be provided to users with the ability to check and view the information of effective computer hardware devices. Especially utility provides features that are superior to the same tools so many users prefer and use it.


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