How to check if your password has been revealed

How to check if your password has been revealed

Privacy breaches and password leaks today are no longer an issue for Internet users. So, how to ensure online security and know whether your password is exposed or not? Stay tuned in the following article of offline!

Privacy breaches and password leaks have recently become hot issues on the Internet. LinkedIn, Yahoo, … – the list of compromised websites is countless. And, there are lots of different tools to check if your password has been revealed. You can also protect yourself by setting a special password for each account.

Tips to check your password has been revealed or not

Threats when the password is revealed

Revealing your passwords can cause immeasurable dangers, especially when many people use the same password for different accounts. If you register an account on a website with your email, and also use the same password as your email password, then the email-password pair will be saved to a list of revealed email-passwords. .

Hackers can then use this information to gain access to your email account. Even if you use a different password for email, they can still use the same username and password to access your other accounts.

For example, hackers have recently hacked into over 11,000 Guild Wars 2 accounts keylogger, nor to the game’s host. They simply try to log in using the email address and password they collected in the password list that was revealed. When a player reuses a leaked password, the account will be compromised. The same thing will happen on other websites.

How to password protect

To protect your password from being leaked, make sure that you use a different password on every website – and those passwords must be long and strong enough. If not, just hack one account, the bad guys can easily hack into other accounts. Although websites will send you a notification every time a password is leaked and require an immediate change, this will not make sense if you use the same password for many other accounts. together.

However, having to remember all passwords for multiple accounts is not easy, and this is the time you need to use password managers such as LastPass or KeePass .

How to check if your password has been revealed

Use the tool PwnedList is one of the best ways to check your password for now. LastPass now uses PwnedList to manage whether their service account email addresses have been leaked or not. For example, if the email address to register your LastPass account is, you will receive a notification every time appears in a list of leaked email-password addresses. However, this function is only applicable to a single email address that you use to register a LastPass account.

If you want to check manually, you can visit the PwnedList website. Just enter your email address and PwnedList will let you know if it will appear in any leaked lists. If your email address appears somewhere, don’t worry, it just means you shouldn’t continue to use one password for multiple accounts and need to change it right away.

LastPass also has a number of different tools to help you check if a password is strong enough. You can enter a password to see if anyone is using it. The result will indicate the security of the password you are trying to set. For example, when entering “password123“, you’ll notice that at least one person is using it as your LinkedIn password.
Email accounts are the most important element of privacy when working online, many websites only allow changing the password when clicking on the confirmation link sent to the email. If someone accesses your email account, then surely other accounts will be threatened as well. Therefore, you should often change the email account password with difficult characters, if using Gmail, the reference How to change your Gmail password here.


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