How to check IV Pokemon Go, check IVS of Pokemon, potential indicators

IV is an acronym for “Individual Values”, also known as Pokemon potential score, used to evaluate whether a Pokemon is strong or weak. And every pokemon you catch has a different point IV, so the way to check the IV for pokemon is very important in Pokemon Go.

In Pokemon Go we often only pay attention to the two main parameters, HP and CP, but forget that there are still many other features available in the game that are equally important. In Pokemon go, in addition to learning how to catch pokemon, how to play pokemongo and find out both CP and HP, we also have to know more about IV (or IVS), this is a very important indicator and difference. What is the index between IV and both CP and HP? Then we will find out at the end, but now will guide you how to check the IV, check the IV of Pokemon Go Pokemon.

Guide to check IV of Pokemon.

There are 2 ways to check the Pokemon IV.

1. Check IV according to the Pokemon index you caught.

With this way of checking IV, the advantage is high safety but you can only check every Pokemon you catch, and all the parameters you have to enter manually. To check you access COME IN.

Step 1: First, if you want to test IV, enter the name of any pokemon you currently own, try and then enter the exact parameters related to HP, CP, Dust and select Powered as NO if not used dust for Pokemon times. If using recommend that you choose another object, then the accuracy will not be high. And after completing the parameters, click on the IV check is Calculate.

How to check ivs of Pokemon

The results showed that Pokemon averages 43.1% of the perfection and the maximum can reach 57.8%.

Step 2: Scrolling down the system will recognize which Pokemon you’re at with 5 ratings and most likely 1 of those 5 reviews belongs to your Pokemon. And of course you will see 3 Attack, Defense, Stamina are 3 potential IV indicators to win a strong or weak pokemon. These 3 indices do not change and it greatly affects the power of Pokemon later.

How to check ivs of Pokemon

Step 3: Next, the website will show you that at Level 40, Eevee (Pokemon chose IV test) can reach the maximum CP bag, and its evolution forms max CP gain when Pokemon has an average of 43.1%. index IV.

How to check ivs of Pokemon

2. Check Pokemon Pokemon automatic iV.

With this way of checking IV, you will not have to spend time to enter each Pokemon index but in return, you will have to confirm via gmail to get data from the displayed game to the web service and select the website to check. IV trusts, many people use it to avoid account loss.

Step 1: To check the IV in detail, bruise HERE.

Step 2: Click Get Token to get the login code.

How to check ivs of Pokemon

Step 3: Login to the gmail account you are using to play Pokemon Go.

How to check ivs of Pokemon

Step 4: Confirm that ya allows your website to access your gmail.

How to check ivs of Pokemon

Step 5: Copy the code again.

How to check ivs of Pokemon

Step 6: Use the code you just obtained to log in.

How to check ivs of Pokemon

Step 7: All your pokemon will be listed, you can see by IV%%.

How to check ivs of Pokemon

Step 8: The system also allows you to compare between the owned Pokemon, including CP, HP Ivm, manual and MAX CP achieved.

How to check ivs of Pokemon

Here are the 2 most basic tests you can use to learn more about pokemon, deciding whether to upgrade your pokemon or not. With higher IV, upgrading pokemon is a must, children with lower ones should exchange for candy.

Explain more about the IV that readers should know with those who are intending to find out how to play pokemon as well as starting to play.

– IV is the default Pokemon stat and it will never change regardless of whether your Pokémon evolve.
– IV includes 3 indicators: Attack (attack) Defense (defense) and Stamina (endurance).
– IV is very important, because it determines how much your CP can be maximized.
– The highest IV index is 15 and the lowest is 0. With 100% pokemon, all 3 indicators are 15.

If you do not have Pokemon Go game can be downloaded here:
Download Pokemon Go for iPhone: For iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 8.0 or higher
Download Pokemon Go for Android: For Android devices such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Lenovo, … devices running Android OS 4.4 or higher

There are currently ways to play Pokemon Go on computers, laptops, and are also rated differently for players and non-players. And whether you play Pokemon Go on your computer or your phone, you should choose the way to play, the device that suits you and do not forget to play the game with enough time to avoid affecting health, life live.


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