How to check keyword rankings with

How to check keyword rankings with

For professional SEOs, one of the things they care about is the keyword rankings or in other words, their ranking in the top of search engines. So where do your keywords stand? How to check your keyword rankings?

Keywords on the Internet is a word or phrase that when you search for it, you get relevant information about an article, an image, an address … For example, when searching for the phrase ” download free software “you get information like: is the website that allows downloading free software or the fastest download at … so” downloading free software “is a word lock up.

Depending on which search engine you use, you may use Google, Yahoo or Bing to search for keywords. I personally see Google as a highly valued search engine now. In this article, will use Google itself to evaluate your keywords on this search page.

How to check keyword rankings with

Step 1: Start the web browser.

Turn on your web browser, if you haven’t already

– Download and install the latest version of Google Chrome

– Download and install the latest version of Firefox

– Download and install the latest version of Cup Cup

Step 2: Visit or

how to check google search

Step 3: Enter the keyword you want to search.

Here you enter the keyword you want to search, as mentioned it can be a phrase, a word. To unify in the article I would always take the example of the keyword “free software download” to search for domain. So at this step I enter the keyword: free software download.

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Step 4: Set up on

When you type in google they will understand that you simply want to search for that keyword. Here you can not know the information about your keyword rankings. You install the following:
– First choose the picture Wheel (1) => Search settings (2)
– Find the part Google Isntant prediction => select Never show Google Isntant results (3)
– At the part Results per page (4). By default Google will display 10 results per page. I want more than I choose 30, you can choose up to 100.
– Later Save (5)

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Step 5: Search results.

You do the following:
– First turn on the search mode you press CTRL + F
– Type the Domain name you want to check.
Here I use the keyword “free software download” to check for taimienphi domain name. So then hit taimienphi. My domain name is in the following position.

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That is how we can check our keyword rankings. In addition to checking on you can also check your keywords on Bing or Yahoo or use a tool like Rank Tracker or Rankaware to track your keywords and website rankings. Inside, Rankaware is software that users appreciate.


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