How to check laptop hardware errors, see which hardware is failing

Are you using a laptop or you are buying an old laptop, how to check for laptop hardware errors, to know if laptop hardware is broken when you are not an “expert”? The following article will be useful advice for you if you are in either of the two cases above.

If you are not a long-term laptop user but buy a used laptop, what is your first job? The majority of people who didn’t specialize in computers first Check machine configuration and appearance. But perhaps they can only see the appearance of the machine but check the configuration of the computer, laptop can be very superficial, it is difficult to know what a laptop, computer that computer is in.

In this article will help you check as well see if laptop hardware is broken This includes whether you have used a laptop for a long time or want to buy an old laptop right on the laptop itself No need to be an expert Remove each part of the machine for inspection. With how to view this computer hardware error you can apply to desktop computers and laptops

How to check laptop hardware errors, see laptop hardware is broken

Hardware in a laptop included screen, Main integrated, hard drive or RAM are the parts you need to check, while other parts such as USB ports, other types of ports or keyboards we can fully test through direct use so this article we will check the The laptop’s main components are the monitor, main, hard drive, and RAM.

Check laptop screen

To check for laptop hardware errors, see if laptop hardware is broken, let’s check the first screen. Usually the screen is both easy and difficult to identify. It is easy because we can clearly recognize the diagonal stripes and the horizontal stripes because the display error is even a line.

But if the screen is not plagued with errors, we check to the second error that not everyone discovers is the dead spot detection test on the screen. Dead pixels on the screen, or Dead Pixel, are the points in a certain color, no color change for the screen is showing what color . To check if the screen is dead, readers can use the software Dead Pixel Locator.

check the computer supply

More specifically, you can see instructions for checking and Dead screen detection which has implemented.

Check the hard drive with CrystalDiskInfo

Download CrystalDiskInfo here: Download CrystalDiskInfo.

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CrystalDiskInfo is one of the regular software in the health check of the hard drive, helping you to check the status of the hard drive you are at. There are many parameters you need to know when checking laptop hardware errors, see laptop hardware is broken but with CrystalDiskInfo you just need to pay attention to the following parameters:

Health Status: Includes 3 states: Good, Caution, Bad with Good is a good drive state . Caution is a warning status when some bad errors are happening on the hard drive with status Bad is the worst , but in Bad state, CrystalDiskInfo is also difficult to check how bad the situation is. You will have to have time to test the drive. However, if the drive is in a state, you should also back up the data and find a new drive.

Power On Count: This parameter is the number of times the phone is opened, which determines how many times you turn on the computer and can also estimate the amount of time it will last if you want an old laptop.

Power On Hours: If Power On Count does not prove much to you, Power On Hours can do it, this is the time to turn on the laptop to use. On average, a laptop uses about 2500 to 3000 hours a year, and if a laptop uses it more than 10000 hours then you should note when your hard drive can “leave” at any time.

Check RAM with Memtest86 +

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As you know, RAM is always the most mentioned part on a computer whether it is a person who knows how to check for laptop hardware errors or not. Although RAM is one of the most difficult parts, it does not mean that it has no problem, to ensure that your RAM is running smoothly without error, consider corrupt laptop hardware like RAM with Memtest86 + as an option. Choose the most perfect. To perform hardware laptop error checking, you need to have prepared and followed the tutorial Test RAM with Memtest86 has tried it before.

Main integration test including Chip, Main, VGA wants to reserve this part and call it Main integrated because simply on Laptop Chip and VGA is often soldered with Main, although the workers can open and replace, this ability is quite limited and To check the parts like Main or Chip or VGA we can split as follows.

– With Chip we can check the temperature to identify part of the laptop’s status. Because usually a laptop in Normal mode reaches 30 to 40 degrees , when using light tasks falls into panic 50 and a bit higher when Heavy duty can reach 60 even 70 degrees . But with a laptop that has not been cleaned for a long time or not cleaned for a long time, you can recognize that it can reach 60 degrees when in normal state, touch very hot and will make a cry from the fan. . To check the temperature on the CPU we use software Speedfan Please.

– With VGA we can be able to check similarly to the Chip in terms of temperature, too high temperatures will cause VGA to reduce the clock, then you need to clean the laptop To extend equipment life, avoid thermal damage.

– The rest is Main, the Main test is very difficult to identify. You can only check for this laptop hardware error through usage. The main hallmark is The machine often crashes even if you have just installed Windows, it is difficult to enter the computer BIOS or the USB Boot, or sometimes it causes the screen not to display.
Above are the identities as well as tips from our experience in checking laptop hardware errors, see broken laptop hardware to help you buy a safer laptop or protect and use a laptop. more effective. If you want to check the overall, more often, the following top laptop hardware testing software will be suitable for you. Immediately access the top article hardware testing software Latest laptop 2017 of offline.


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