How to check privacy on Facebook

How to check privacy on Facebook

To check privacy on Facebook, users can use the tools available, provided by Facebook for users, if you do not know where these tools are and what they have, Refer to the following content immediately.

Tools privacy check has been integrated on Facebook for a long time, allowing users to control and customize the privacy of their personal social networking sites. However, due to policy adjustments, Facebook recently made some new changes and reorganized the interface, helping users check, Privacy settings on Facebook more convenient.

A privacy toolkit on Facebook

To open the Facebook privacy checker, follow these instructions.

1. Activate privacy checking tool on Facebook

Open privacy check on Facebook computer
First, you log into your personal Facebook account, click the question mark icon on the top tool on the right of the screen. In the drop down menu, select Privacy Check.

how to check private privacy on facebook 2

The Privacy Check screen on the computer interface will display as shown below.

how to check private privacy on facebook 3

Open privacy check on Facebook phone
With the Facebook phone app interface, the way to open the Privacy Checker tool will be a bit different.
Step 1: Open and access Facebook on your phone, click the icon Option There are 3 dashes on the toolbar below the screen.
Step 2 : In the function options list, click Help & support . Then continue to choose Settings & privacy , then came Privacy shortcut .

how to check private privacy on facebook 4

Step 3 : At the window Error turning off privacy , you clicked Review a few important privacy settings to access the screen Privacy check On Facebook.

how to check private privacy on facebook 5

2. Introduce privacy testing tools
In a recently released version, Facebook has upgraded its privacy testing tool. With this new tool, users can edit, set privacy on their Facebook more easily under 4 topics.

* Who can see your content
+ Choose who can see information such as phone number, email, birthday, relationship status on the personal page.
+ Customize the objects allowed to view the content of your old and new articles.
+ Review who you have blocked on Facebook, and add or remove.

how to check private privacy on facebook 6

* How to protect your account
+ Change password lost Facebook.
+ Turn on or off alerts when someone signs in to your Facebook account somewhere else.

how to check private privacy on facebook 7

* How people can find you on Facebook
+ Install an object that can send you friend invitations.
+ Allow others to find you on Facebook via phone number or email.

how to check private privacy on facebook 8

* Install your data on Facebook. Manage and uninstall applications that you have installed from 3rd parties.

how to check private privacy on facebook 9
Thus, Taimienphi has introduced to you about a set of 4 viewing tools and Privacy check on Facebook . In more detail on specific features and customizations, we will take a closer look at the next article series.


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