How to check Samsung hardware, test Samsung hardware with a code

Checking Samsung hardware will help you know how the Samsung hardware is doing, making a decision whether or not to buy it instead. You do not know how to test your Samsung hardware with a code, please refer to the article below.

In feature Samsun hardware testBy using the code available in Samsung phones, you can check for dead spots, vibration feedback, cameras, etc. to make sure that the phone works best.

Test your Samsung device hardware with the code


Step 1: On the Samsung phone screen, select Phone -> Keyboard then press * # 0 * # to enter Samsung hardware test mode with a code

Check Samsung Supply

Step 2: Your phone screen is returned to hardware test mode. There are many hardware test features of Samsung phones. However, we only need to pay attention to some necessary hardware testing features.

Check your Samsung Galaxy phone code with code

Step 3: Click on the 3 features in turn Red, Green, Blue to check phone screen dead spots. Here your screen will be switched to 3 modes Red, Green and Blue, and you can look closely to see if any dead pixels appear on your screen or not.

Check with Samsung

Step 4: Check the Samsung hardware, check if your Samsung hard drive is working properly in the section Dimming to see the backlight brightness working.

Check your Samsung firmware

Step 5: Mega cam and Front cam is to test the Samsung phone hardware on the back and front of the phone. Please use functions such as Zoom, video recording resolution to see if images taken from your phone meet the requirements.

Check Samsung phone distribution

Step 6: Check phone sensor, in section Sensor Samsung device hardware testing tool with this code will tell you accelerometer, sensor, compass, … Please move and rotate to see if the indexes in it run, if one of the indicators running means one of these functions is broken.

samsung mobile phone test code

Step 7: In the section Speaker play you a music track with louder volume for you to check the speaker quality, in section Receiver You will need to put your ear to the earpiece (internal speaker) to check if your speakerphone is working properly.

test Samsung phone distribution

Step 8: Click on the item Vibration Your entire phone will vibrate continuously to check the intensity of the vibration. To check the external keys (physical key) you click on the item Sub key and press the Home, multitask, back, volume up, power keys to check if your Samsung device hardware is stuck.

Check your Samsung smartphone

If your device successfully completes the Samsung 8 hardware test using the above code, it means that the device is still working, you can safely use the phone on. In addition to checking your Samsung device hardware with a code, you can also use the application CPU Z for Android to test Samsung phone hardware and many other phones. In addition to the very popular CPU Z tool, SamSung phones are also favored by developers PhoneINFO + help to check hardware of Samsung phone series fully and in detail such as check Samsung hard drive, check production date, rooted or not, …
In addition, if the reader wants to check more accurately the phone hardware information that they are using, with the top application Android hardware test We previously shared that we hope to help you more in testing Android smartphone devices in general and Samsung in particular.


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