How to check spelling on Google Chrome

How to check spelling on Google Chrome

Correct spelling is not only a polite gesture but it is also an expression of intelligence and reflects a good educational background. And with Google Chrome, spell checking is done very easily.

Today, you do not need to spend too much time and effort in checking the spelling of any type of document such as a report or essay. If you are wise, you will only need one of the many spell checking tools available and some of them even fix grammar errors for you. And by paying attention to the edits these tools make, you can also improve your writing skills.

Table of Contents:
1. How to set up spell checking on Chrome
1.1 Enable spell checking on Google Chrome.
1.2 How to add other languages ​​to Chrome’s Spell Check feature.
2. How to use the spell check feature of Chrome.
2.1. Find out how to spell correctly with Chrome.
2.2. Add words to your custom dictionary.
2.3. Manage Chrome’s Spell Check feature.
3. How does the Chrome spell check feature not work ?.
4. Alternative spell checking tools for Chrome.
4.1. Gammarly.
4.2. Lguagetool.

1. How to set up spell checking on Chrome

Chrome comes with a spell checker, which is enabled by default. The dictionary is usually set according to the language of the operating system you are using, but you can add and switch to many other languages. This spell checker also provides an enhanced version using Google search spellcheck technology. However, this includes routing your text through Google’s servers. In this article, let’s explore to explore all the options detailed below and see what is the best way to check spelling in Google Chrome.

1.1. Turn on the spell check feature on Google Chrome

To enable or disable spell checking on Google Chrome, follow these steps:

– Click the menu button in the upper right corner of the browser and select Settings.

– Scroll down the menu and click on Advanced to expand additional settings.

– Scroll down the item Languages and click on Spell check to expand the corresponding menu.

– Here, you can turn off or turn on the spell checking feature of Chrome by clicking on the slider next to the corresponding language.

Note: You can add or edit spelling errors by selecting the corresponding option at the bottom of the list. Basically, you can add words to the default Google dictionary. This is quite handy for names and technical terms that Chrome’s Spell check feature does not recognize.

how to check it on google chrome 2

Besides, users can also enable advanced editing features. It will recognize many other errors like missing spaces or hyphens. In Settings> Advanced, you choose Privacy and Security, click on Sync and Google Services. At the bottom of the list, click Enhanced spell check to enable the feature.

how to check it on google chrome 3

1.2. How to add other languages ​​to Chrome’s Spell Check feature

What language do you not use on Chrome? Chrome only chooses the default language of the system you’re using for its spell checker, but users can add other languages ​​by:

– Expand the menu Languages and click on Add languages.

– Search for the language you want and click the button Add.

how to check it on google chrome 4

Once you’ve added the language to Chrome, return to the spell check menu and turn it on.

2. How to use the spell check feature of Chrome

Now that you’ve added another language and activated the spell checking feature, the question here is how does Chrome know when to check spelling and which language to use?

By default, this feature of Chrome checks words in all text fields, including Gmail and most 3rd party apps. When you misspell a word, you’ll see a red line. below that word. If the advanced spell checking feature is active, you will also see a gray line, indicating that there is another error, such as missing spaces.

2.1. Find out how to spell correctly with Chrome

When you see a word marked as misspelled, right-click on it to see Google word suggestions, which appear at the top of the context menu.

how to check it on google chrome 5

Note: Make sure you have the option turned on Ask Google for suggestions as it will give you access to advanced results. For cases where it is difficult to interpret key typos or typos, Google will use its prediction engine to make better suggestions.

2.2. Add words to your custom dictionary

If Chrome is confused about the spelling of a word, you don’t need to go to the menu Settings To add a new word, simply right-click on the word and select Add to dictionary. Now, the spell checker will not highlight that word again.

Note: Your custom dictionary stays the same no matter what language you choose.

2.3. Manage Chrome’s Spell Check feature

You can enable or disable Chrome’s spell checking feature at any time. Also, change the language that Chrome is using.

– Right-click in the text field and select Spellcheck from the menu.

– In the newly opened menu, you choose Check the spelling of the text fields.

– Now you choose the right language or simply all your language – All your languages.

how to check it on google chrome 6

Note: Chrome probably doesn’t automatically check the spelling of too long text. When the Spell check is on, the feature still works but does not check everything you type. To handle long text, such as when opening a post in WordPress, you will probably have to click on each paragraph to start checking the spelling for that paragraph.

3. What to do when the Chrome spell checking does not work?

When Chrome’s spell checking doesn’t work, you can try the following steps:

– Click on the icon 3 dots in the upper right corner of the browser, search Spell check and turn off, then turn on all the settings related to spell checking.

– Disable 3rd party spell checker in Chrome extension menu: chrome: // extensions /.

Check to see if Chrome has not updated to the latest version and restart the browser.

4. Alternative spell checking tools for Chrome

Even when all the features are enabled, and the Google Chrome spell checker is still “basic” because it doesn’t check grammar or spelling, the Chrome Web Store is proud to recommend You great batch replacement tool. Therefore, if you need an advanced tool, try one of the two most trusted options:

4.1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-based writing assistant, including contextual spelling and grammar checking. Like Chrome’s default spell checker, it works in all text fields. More than 10 million users and near-perfect user ratings make Grammarly the gold standard for spelling and grammar checking on web browsers.

The free version catches grammar and spelling errors. With the Premium package, you have access to advanced features such as suggestions for improving vocabulary, checking the style of specific text types and plagiarism detectors. Grammarly is of great benefit if you want to review errors in English text. Unfortunately, this tool does not support other languages.

4.2. LanguageTool

how to check it on google chrome 7

If you want to review content in multiple languages, try using LanguageTool for Chrome. With over 250,000 users and a rating of 4.5 out of 5, this is one of the most used and most appreciated spellcheckers for Chrome.

The free version supports more than 20,000 characters per test and in more than 25 languages. When you sign up for a Premium or Enterprise plan, you get additional features and API access. You do not need an account to use this tool, your IP address is not saved and all data transfers needed to provide the service take place over an encrypted connection.
Humans are still the best subject for spelling and grammar correction. Technology only serves as a powerful assistant. Technology is not always smart enough to understand each context and can sometimes provide weird fixes. However, with Google’s recommendations, users will come closer to perfection in correcting unwanted spelling errors.


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