How to check the capacity of your Macbook hard drive

In the age of many Terabytes of hard drives online storage, many of us can’t track the hard drive usage as before. It is worth mentioning that even the largest capacity hard drives are finally full, let learn 5 ways to check the capacity of the Macbook hard drive offline.

Finder gives you a few ways to determine how much disk space is available. These are the easiest ways. In the operating system macOS, if you Select the item in the Finder and Press SPACEBAR on the keyboard you will have preview (preview) of the item.

How to check the capacity of your Macbook hard drive

Table of Contents:
1. Select a storage device on the Home screen.
2. The status bar of the Finder window.
3. Get the information.
4. About this Mac.
5. From the hard drive utility.

For example: If you select a text document and then press the spacebar, you can see the content in the document without actually opening it.

Here is how to use it preview (preview) to check your storage capacity.

1. Select a storage device on the Home screen

Step 1: For your storage device to appear on the Home screen, go to Finder> Preferences> click General and Edit the settings to Show these items on the Desktop or Open Finder window, look in the left column, in the Devices heading, select Storage device.

Step 2: Press the SPACEBAR

A window opens showing up capacity of storage devices and capacity available.

Step 3: To close the window, Press the SPACEBAR again or press Command-W or Click the close window icon (circle X) at the upper left. Window status bar Finder.

2. The status bar of the Finder window

If you want extensive information about free space on your Macbook’s hard drive, From the Finder, you can turn on the Finder status bar.

Step 1: Open the Finder window if you have not done this before>Click the Finder’s Dock icon or go to File> New Finder Window.

Step 2: Open View menu and choose Show status bar. This will tell you how many items are in the current folder and if you are viewing a folder on your hard drive such as the Applications folder. (Applications) or Document file (Documents folder), you will also receive a notification about your hard drive’s free space.

How to check the content of your Mac

3. Get the information

Step 1: Find your hard drive in Finder and click

If the hard drive appears in the sidebar of the window Finder or on Destop (main screen), click your hard drive icon in one of those locations.

When the hard drive has no default values, go to Finder> Preferences >Click the hard drive icon. If the hard drive icon does not appear, go to Go> Computer, later Click the hard drive icon in Devices.

Step 2: Click the File menu and select Get Info or press Comand-I on the keyboard.

The Info window (Infor window) displays the amount, available and used space, as well as other information.

how to check the capacity in macbook 2

4. About this Mac

In recent versions of macOS (Yosemite and above), you can easily check your storage usage from About This Mac.

Step 1:.Open the Apple menu, then select About This Mac.

Step 2: Click the Storage tab on the toolbar to see how much hard drive space you have. (On OS X Mountain Lion or Mavericks, click the More info button and then select Storage.)

You also get a simple overview of what file types are taking up storage space.

how to check capacity in macbook 3

MacOS High Sierra operating system displays hard disk space)

5. From the hard drive utility

You can also view your free disk space from the Hard Disk Utility app (Mac’s Disk Utility app).

Open Spotlight by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen, then enter Disk Utility in the search box that appears. When Disk Utility appears in the list and is highlighted, press the Enter key. Disk Utility is also found in Applications> Utilities.

When Disk Utility opens, select your hard drive name from the list. You can see your disk space, free space, used space and other information. You can also check the free space for any drive you’ve connected to your Macbook from this window, be it a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

how to check the content in macbook 4
Above is information about 5 ways to check the capacity of your Macbook hard drive. Hopefully the above article of has provided you with useful information. Also if there are any questions or questions that need answers as the way View computer hard drive capacity, readers can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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